2021-04-28 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-04-29, then on live sites on 2021-05-07.

LS-74339: The Admin > Site Settings page has a "Weeks run from" setting in the Reports section. Make date presets in report filters like "Previous Week" honor that setting.

LS-74398: The SharePoint Documents list now allows cycling through sort modes by clicking the Name column header. The default is files sorted alphanumerically within folders (also sorted). The other modes are alphanumeric sorting globally (so files may come before folders) in ascending and descending flavors.

LS-74502: You can now create a dynamic Donation section front.

LS-74903: If you are into MLPs and I-HELP Categories and such, you'll be pleased to note that the "Problem Code/Special Problem Code" block will now set the I-HELP Category (assuming you've configured it to do so) on every submit; not just when the I-HELP Category is blank. Including setting it to "unassigned" if you pick an LPC that does not have an I-HELP Category.

LS-74909: Your lovingly crafted form contains a hidden field with no default set, yet also contains a Guided Navigation dialogue that sets that field's value. What to do on submit? Previous behavior was to shrug. Now the value set in the GN dialogue will win the conflict when the form is submitted.

LS-75054: For API types: Added the following fields to the Generic Outgoing API block and Guided Navigation API: Client Age, Client Age at intake, Client County of Residence, Funding Code, Funding Code Name, and How did you hear about us?.

LS-75197: If you put too many characters in a Notes field on the Admin > Post Leave Hours page, you will now be greeted with a friendly warning and given a chance to rectify the situation. Much more pleasant experience than the error page.

LS-75318: Report filters based on a country lookup field weren't loading the list of values to filter on. Now they will.

LS-75327: The "Require At Least One Adverse Party Entry" option in the "Online Intake Opposing Parties" block was letting people skip by without entering an AP if the "Show Address Row" option was also enabled. Fixed.

LS-75444: Removed an errant "Case/Matter Alerts" option in the "Associate with Module" selector when creating a new Message. Selecting it could, and did, result only in pain and sadness.

LS-75454: Stop the Add Document with Title block from causing occasional errors.