2021-05-05 Release Notes


Each of the following organizations has expressed their excitement about starting the onboarding process:

Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense

Harris County Public Defender's Office

Office of the Tehama County Counsel

The WAVE Foundation

Geography quiz: Can you guess the state based on the county? (Points awarded only if you don't use the internet or Alexa (points have no monetary value)

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-05-06, then on live sites on 2021-05-14.

LS-67635: Make JAWS announce the "Search complete" alert when using Firefox.

LS-67383: In the Address block, if you uncheck "Ask for County of Dispute" and uncheck "Set County of Dispute from County (if County of Dispute Not Asked For)", guess what will not happen? If you guessed County of Dispute will not be set, pin a gold star on your cork board of accomplishments.

LS-71938: When running or editing reports, only show "[View 50]", "[View 1000]" links if they make sense. For example, a report displaying 42 results will not display a "[View 1000]" link. Etc.

LS-73729: Some improvements to the "Right of Last" and "Place label adjacent to input" field element configuration options.

LS-74723: Make the "Default Funding Code for Non-Client Time (Overrides Grant Filters)" option in the CTA block on AGM sites do what you hoped and dreamed it would do if you unchecked all Roles Allowed to Edit. If CTA and AGM don't mean anything to you, best to just move along.

LS-74917: Stop Waiver templates from causing an error.

LS-75053: Note drafts created via a "Notes (Generic)" element on a case now have a handy link to the case they were created from when viewing the Draft.

LS-75229: Several user role permissions regarding Lookups were hiding links to various pages, but not stopping someone from loading the pages if they could figure out the URL to get to said pages. Users with too much time on their hands will now see "Access denied" on those pages.

LS-75312: The Create User Core API endpoint accepts a new optional parameter "dynamic_process_id". Because you want these new user records to behave like user records created manually with your shiny dynamic process.

LS-75316: The SharePoint Documents block can now be configured to timeout after a "Short", "Medium", or "Long" wait, which are 10, 20, and 30 seconds respectively.

LS-75362: The Legacy API pb_atty_update endpoint has been modified to add the 'contact_type' field.

LS-75367: The Report Part block has a new optional configuration option: "Show Unset Filters By Default". Does what it says on the tin.

LS-75458: Updated the Multi-Factor Authentication information signage to make it clear that Google Authenticator is not the only authenticator supported.

LS-75485: The Master/Subordinate Cases feature is now known as Lead/Member Cases. But wait, there's more! On the Admin > Site Settings page, in the Localization section, observe the ability to change the "Lead" and "Member" labels to your heart's desire.

LS-75485: The Master/Subordinate labels for grants has also been changed to Lead/Member grants. And yes, Virginia, you can change the default labels on the Admin > Grant Settings page.

LS-75514: Testing continues on a way to improve the load time of SharePoint Documents lists. Terms like "10x" and "a lot" are being used. Watch this space for future announcements.

LS-75549: Stop an expense report from throwing an error when it is linked to an outreach timeslip and you want to see the details for the expense.

LS-75570: If your Financial form is configured to allow Income Eligible overrides, the popup window now contains a "Remove Override" button, effectively letting you change your mind and not enter an override.

LS-75594: Make the Adverse Parties block and the Adverse Parties list view display the same names, even when an "individual" AP has somehow been entered with only a last name.

LS-75681: Editing the funding code on a case wasn't always showing all the timeslips on the case, even when you had commanded the system to do so via Admin > Timekeeping Settings. This fix puts the "always" back in .

LS-75920: You've enabled the “Display Filters and Allow Changes” option in the Report Part block. Check. You've embedded a report or two. Check. You tested. Check. But you have users saying they can change filters on your insightful and informative embedded reports, but those changes don't change the results. Oh no. But after this fix hits, any user will be able to temporarily change filters and have their changes actually change the report results. Not just users whose role has the Report Management permission.