2021-05-12 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-05-13, then on live sites on 2021-05-21.

LS-65282: You've longed to set "user" type fields in Guided Navigation. Long no more by using the "Set value for a field" action, or by adding a field element and choosing "Set a default value for a field". Bonus improvement: Try harder to not let you cause problems by attempting to set a field's value if it is a "Display Only" field.

LS-74463: Small, but helpful, wording changes to the configuration options in the IFrame block. Functionality has not changed, so no need to update your form(s).

LS-74482: The "Events (Case/Matter)" list view used on case profiles has a new "Attendees with Role" column available. For when you can't remember who is doing what at the next motion hearing on a case (and collect Role information).

LS-74724: The new System Users > User Hourly Rate (One Row Per Hourly Rate) may interest you.

LS-74904: AGM mavens using the Funding Type block will be excited to discover their System Users based reports can now include information on Primary Funding Code and Secondary Funding Code.

LS-75599: Many exciting additional options for the Associate Cases with Outreach block. No need to reconfigure existing form(s) using the block. But you may want to set aside some of your copious free time to look at the new options.

LS-76067: Sending or receiving an SMS was creating duplicate case notes starting May 7. This was fixed as of 18:00 hours GMT-04 on May 10.