2021-05-19 Release Notes


Excited to be going live next week are:

* Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association

* Nevada Department of Indigent Defense Services

* Uptown People's Law Center

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-05-20, then on live sites on 2021-05-28.

LS-70632: Make embedded reports play nice on case question forms, no matter how many times you change the Legal Problem Code to see different case questions (or for any reason).

LS-74560: Make the Admin > Process Settings page cleaner by adding new Callback Settings section and putting the eponymous settings in it.

LS-74753: Added "Income Information", "Allowable Expenses", and "Asset Information" to the system translation page for those of you using multiple languages who dream of using the "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block on your forms.

LS-74756: Added "Income", "Assets", and "Expenses" to the system translation page for those of you using multiple languages with a burning desire to also use the Income, Expense, and Liquid Asset list views.

LS-74758: Sites with multiple language support display "Yes" and "No" as translated when a boolean field is editable on a form. But if you set the field to read-only, the translation magic wasn't happening. Now it will.

LS-75512: Have you longed to create custom fields in the Task/Deadline module for your shiny dynamic task forms? Long no more.

LS-75726: There is a new Task Note block available for your wondrous dynamic task forms. It does everything you could hope and dream it would.

LS-75753: Fixed a "Tab Load Failed" message that could occur for the Case Contacts list view on sites with Case Bundles enabled.

LS-75758: Brevity is the soul of the interface when the SharePoint Documents list on a case is taking too long to load. We've replaced the loquacious descriptions and links with terse, yet still friendly, links: "Go Directly to SharePoint" and "Wait for Document List".

LS-75961: Updated the instruction on the password change page to warn people that site administrators may be requiring at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case character, and at least one special character. Or all three.

LS-76235: Fixed an error on "HUD Information" type forms on sites doing HUD Electronic Reporting.

LS-76388: Small, but tasty, visual improvements to confirm time pages.