2021-06-02 Release Notes


From the Pacific to the prairie to the Atlantic, these organizations are excited to start onboarding:

* Casa Cornelia Law Center

* Iowa Legal Aid

* Rhode Island Legal Services

Excited to be going live next week is New York County Defender Services.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-06-03, then on live sites on 2021-06-11.

LS-68870: Don't make online applicants mentally convert appointment slot times from 17:00 to 05:00 PM. Do it for them.

LS-74313: Make the Dropbox Documents list on a profile quasi-sentient. It will "listen" for certain changes (for example clicking the "Add to Dropbox" icon on a document stored in LegalServer) and refresh itself to show the change.

LS-75793: Are you using the "Set Pending (Only)" block in a Guided Navigation segment? Want to use the "Static Advocate Default (overrides)" block option to, well, set a specific advocate? Now you can.

LS-76161: Make Guided Navigation dialogues try really, really hard to do the right thing when they use a lookup value, then someone later pulls the rug out by merging that lookup value into a different value.

LS-76189: Do you have the Case Contacts list view on your case profile(s)? Have the Role column displayed? Are users constantly haranguing you because they have a burning desire to sort by the Role column? Peace and quiet are on the way.

LS-76233: Support custom fields in the still-in-beta Registrants module.

LS-76277: The document generated by a Waiver block will no longer cause an error if the underlying template is an Old Style Template.

LS-76450: Restore the always popular "View 20" link in reports.

LS-76525: You can translate the "Income Categories" lookup values, so it seemed silly to not display them when using the "Online Financial Information - Simple Income" block.

LS-76526: You can translate the "SSN Information" lookup values, so ... you know.

LS-76586: The Discovery block gets a profusion of new configuration options: Require Discovery Sub Type, Require Item Details, Require Media Type, and Require Number of Items Received. The new options are all off (unchecked) by default. Adjust to taste.

LS-76676: Stop prescreen and intake processes from throwing an error if the the first step of the process has the Documents list view on it, even if it is hiding on a branch logic form.