2021-06-09 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-06-10, then on live sites on 2021-06-18.

LS-62785: The Referring Organizations field's search and select will again display "--Next--" and "--Previous--" links when your search returns a bountiful list of organizations.

LS-68551: Add the ability to translate "Show" and "Hide" labels on buttons. Head on over to the System Translation page on your site.

LS-74315: Upon uploading a file to a case's Dropbox Documents list, you will now be prompted if there is an existing file with the same name, and given the option to overwrite or have a suffix added (like "cat_in_a_hat (1).png") to the filename you are uploading.

LS-74986: Intake Type is now a category on the Admin > Configure Lookup Mappings. You know, the page of wonder where you can map incoming and outgoing lookup values for use in electronic case transfers and API stuff. No action required unless you have a desire to map Intake Type for these purposes.

LS-75823: There is a new Admin > Client Profile Settings page ("client profile" is the page you get when you click a client's name versus a case number). The new settings page allows you to hide the Family Members list on client profile pages . And hide the Combined Notes (LS-75825). And hide the Timekeeping list (LS-75826). And hide the Adverse Parties list (LS-75827). And hide the Other Cases list (LS-75828). The setting to have the page display only a stylized unicorn image hasn't made it out of committee yet. (Addendum: Your user role needs the "Edit Client Profile Site Settings" permission to see the new page.

LS-76372: You've expanded and collapsed folders in the SharePoint Documents list on a case. Then you drag and drop a file into said list. The list refreshes, but your joy at seeing your new file is fleeting because you are sad that your folder expansion/collapsion efforts have been lost. This ticket removes the sadness.

LS-76373: Make inbound SMS texts with attachments show the attachments in the corresponding case notes. All sites updated effective 2021-06-08.

LS-76443: Increase the outbound SMS text character limit from 160 to 1600. NB: Your carefully crafted missive may get split into multiple texts by your recipient's texting provider or flip phone software.

LS-76540: Allowing editing forms that contain SMS things, even when you haven't yet configured SMS on your site.

LS-76545: The "Event Link" block available on dynamic calendar event forms gets a new "Allow event to be associated to multiple cases" option. Off by default, enabling it does what it says on the tin.

LS-76591: The Expense module's Per Diem Log list now sports an Edit Pencil on each row. Yes, Virginia, it does what you think. Use with care.

LS-76594: When entering outreach time, clicking one of the outreaches shown in the Recent Outreaches list in the side bar will now pull the funding code from that outreach (assuming one has been entered on the outreach) as you hoped and dreamed it would. Substitute your site's word for "outreach" if you or a predecessor has gone rogue and calls outreaches something else.

LS-76656: Restored the ability to change the Accomplishment Summary filter date range in edit mode on your wondrous System Users > Accomplishment Summary report.

LS-76706: When you have the Family Information block on a case profile page, clicking a person's name in the list will now let you edit that person's information, as you've always wanted to do.

LS-76918: We inadvertently turned off the Date of Birth and Suffix fields in People searches with last Friday's update. Some of you noticed. We advertently re-enabled them over the weekend.

LS-76967: Reprocessed missed inbound SMS texts, with and without attachments. Done on all live sites overnight on 2021-06-08.