2021-06-23 Release Notes


These groups are excited to go live next week:

πŸŽ‰ Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim

πŸŽ‰ Fordham Law School's Feerick Center for Social Justice

πŸŽ‰ The Way to Justice

πŸŽ‰ Unlocal

Changes and Updates

These changes will be on demo sites on 2021-06-24, then on live sites on 2021-07-02.

LS-74711: New-style document templates feature a new option to "Save generated document in MS-DOCX format." Documents generated from a template with that option enabled will be converted to .docx files. NB: Documents with complex formatting may not look the same after the conversion. Your mileage will vary.

LS-75790: Ever wanted to edit multiple tasks at once? On the main Calendar page, Actions menu > View Your Task List. Observe the exciting checkboxes adorning the page. Tick a couple of the boxes. Click the "Edit selected" button that magically appears. Enjoy. Bonus tip: You can href "/calendar/list-todo/list" in an instruction element on say, the home page, for easier access.

LS-75975: Income and Asset data was not being displayed on the pending case transfer page when the received transfer was created on an online intake site via the Online Intake Import API endpoint. Online intakes created by humans did not suffer this malady.

LS-76137: Multifactor Authentication was erroneously prompting users to authenticate on every login. The head baker has made sure the magic cookie lasts 24 hours as intended.

LS-76337: Got Sharepoint Documents on your case profile? Want to drag files from one folder to another folder? Go for it.

LS-76530: The (often red) Search > People popup window (or "modal" to you purists) was deemed too small. It is now 700px tall. Get out your pixel ruler and check if you want.

LS-76732: The Associate Cases with Outreach block has a new configuration option: "Filter Searches by Office", which is a dropdown list of offices. The existing configuration option has been renamed to "Filter Searches by Outreach Office (Overrides "Filter Searches By Office")". The latter is useful on an outreach auxiliary form if you want to limit the case search to cases that match the outreach record's office. The new option is useful on an outreach create form, wherein the not-yet-existent outreach doesn't have an office stored yet.

LS-76765: If you have configured Cause Number to show up in the (often red) Search > People popup window, it will now do what you hoped and dreamed it would. NB: The separate, standalone Search > Cause Number was not affected. And yes, Virginia, you can have both enabled. If you go to Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search, you'll discover four things you can do regarding Cause Number.

LS-76855: The case copy features were not properly copying some address fields, some custom fields, and the system HIV Status field. This ticket rectifies that.

LS-77029: Don't require the "Reports Management" user role permission to view the main Admin page. (All sites updated 2021-06-22)

LS-77165: The Case Contact list view that adorns most cases has two new available columns: Family Member and Subtype (relationship subtype, to be precise).

LS-77205: Want to add Email to the (often red) Search > People window? Head over to Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search. On the Search tab, find "Show Email In Red Search Link" and make it "Yes".