2021-06-30 Release Notes


Clackamas Women's Services is excited to go live next week.

July 1 - Canada Day (Fête du Canada)

July 4 - Independence Day (US)

July 5 - Tynwald Day (Isle of Man)

Changes and Updates

These changes will be on demo sites on 2021-07-01, then on live sites on 2021-07-09.

LS-71795: The Admin > Client Profile Settings page gains two new options: "Show the top charge column on the cases listview" and "Show the cause number column on the cases listview".

LS-76254: Got Projects? Want to upload files to project records? Implement the newly available static "Add New Document" process. Add the shiny new Project Documents List block to your project profile. Want fulfilled.

LS-76486: Sites with SharePoint enabled could upload a file when adding a case note. The file would get saved to the case's SP folder as desired. But if the note was also emailed, the email would be devoid of an attachment. This ticket fills that void.

LS-76845: The Reports list you may have adorning your fancy grant profile page gains some filters.

LS-76963: The (often red) Search > Case Title you may have enabled on your site now returns all matters, not just pending, open, and closed cases.

LS-77042: The Assets block has an option to display an "Assets Provided?" field. If displayed, and you select "No", it was not setting the Asset Eligible field to "No" as intended. This ticket makes the intended behavior the actual behavior.

LS-77056: If you: a) drag and drop a file onto the SharePoint Documents on a case; and b) get a prompt that a file with the same name already exists; and c) you click "Cancel"; then the list of files and folders will not stay opaque and hard to read, but will return to its normal brightness and clarity.

LS-77067: Make the SharePoint Documents list play nice with SP folders that have commas in the folder names.

LS-77185: The Admin > Restricted Programs/Offices page gets a new setting: "Restrict Calendar Events to User's Office or Program". Flip that on and it will do what you probably expect. NB: If a user is an Attendee on an event they will still see it, even if the event is not linked to either that user's office or program.

LS-77207: The Email column you may have enabled and displayed in Search > People searches was sometimes not showing the email address of a Contact result. Fixed.

LS-77409: Make the "Call Now" links displayed by the Case/Matter - Callbacks list view play nice with dynamic callbacks.

LS-77511: The home page Tasks list went wonky on demo sites. Fixed on 2021-06-25.

LS-77537: The Assignments list available on Grant profile pages now has a default sort on the End Date column, to float "current" assignments to the top of the list. Easier to see who is currently assigned when you have a bountiful list of ended assignments.