2021-07-07 Release Notes


Excited to go live next week are:

πŸŽ† Erie County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project

πŸŽ† Public Law Center

Excited to start onboarding:

πŸŽ‰ Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center

πŸŽ‰ Make the Road NJ

πŸŽ‰ Pulaski County Public Defender

Changes and Updates

These changes will be on demo sites on 2021-07-08, then on live sites on 2021-07-16.

LS-77312: Removing "MLP Medical Institution" from an organization's type(s) would cause great sadness if that organization was linked to one or more cases. Sadness in the form of error pages trying to access those cases. You will now be warned, in the sternest terms, if you try to remove the "MLP Medical Institution" type from such an organization.

LS-77324: Make the Signature Attestation List list view on a case profile display the things you hoped and dreamed it would.

LS-77369: SharePoint Documents lists gain an "Expand All" button, which when clicked does what you'd expect, and morphs into a "Collapse All" button, which also does what you'd expect.

LS-78345: Hints of grant filters with new magical options. A bright future, tinged with rosy pink highlights.

LS-78355: Sending a text (SMS message) with single quote marks (a/k/a apostrophes in some circles) will no longer cause an error page and fail to create a case note. NB: The text was always sent, it was the case note bit causing the error page.

LS-78445: The Admin > Waivers page (if enabled) now displays an Intake Program column.