2021-07-14 Release Notes


πŸŽ‰ Eviction Defense Network is excited to start onboarding.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-07-15, then on live sites on 2021-07-23. πŸ•š

LS-50573: For sites using SMS: Twilio returns an exception to us if sending to a number "violates a blacklist rule" (their terminology). The usual cause is that someone at that number sent an opt-out message like STOP, CANCEL, etc. The unsuspecting sender would get a not-very-human-friendly error page and generally be confused about what happened. Now they will get a human-friendly warning telling them what's going on. Also: The SMS block gets a new "Show SMS Consent" configuration option. Optional, but if checked, will display a warning in reddish hued text if consent for the configured number has been denied or revoked.

LS-75842: A new top level Project table in reports for the Projects module? Yes, Virginia, it appears to be so.

LS-76564: The Case Data > Custodial Status subtable in reports is now the more robust Case Data > Custodial Status - Multiple Rows per Case/Matter.

LS-76846: The Report Part block now contains a "Restrict to Grant" option when it is used on a grant profile page.

LS-77024: API mavens will be excited to hear there is a newly available endpoint. The api/v1/documents endpoint has a metadata argument matter_uuid that permits specification of the related matter by its unique_id, it performs a virus scan on uploaded documents, and so much more. See the API Changelog and link therein for all the details.

LS-78397: The Citizenship Status block gains a new "Show Need More Information Note for Non-Citizen". Enabled by default to maintain current behavior, disable it if the "Possibly eligible, but we need more information" note/instruction shown for "Non-Citizen" is not to your taste.

LS-78498: The Disposition block gains a new "Show Timeslips" configuration option. Unchecked by default, check it if you add time before an intake is completed and want to see those existing timeslips at the end of an intake.

LS-78538: A dynamic callback record (created with the "New Callback" block) will now do what you dreamed it would.

LS-78560: When did Gladys send me this Message? Now I know because "Date Created" is displayed when viewing a Message. The uppercase "M" denotes a Message sent through LegalServer's Message Center.

LS-78568: You have "Show Cause Number in Static Lists" enabled and have been enjoying seeing that column in search results. Oh the sadness when it disappeared. Column restored on all sites with that configuration on 2021-07-12.

LS-78684: The Value field that can be displayed on a timeslip using the Billable Fields block started refusing to accept anything but whole numbers. Deemed unacceptable, it has been coerced into again calculating and storing up to 2 numbers after a decimal point. All sites duly coerced on 2021-07-12.