2021-07-21 Release Notes


The nice folks at Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse are excited to go live next week πŸŽ‰.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-07-22, then on live sites on 2021-07-30. πŸ•š

Updated immigration forms have been pushed out to demo and live sites: I-102, I-192, I-485, I-485 SupA, I-765, and I-912.

LS-75833: Reports sport a new Case Data > LSC Other Services (Multiple Rows per Case/Matter) subtable. For when you provide many such services on cases and want to count all the things.

LS-76181: The Case/Matter module gets 5 (yes Virginia, 5) new fields you may find useful: Pro Bono Engagement Type lookup field (single select), Pro Bono Time Commitment lookup field (single select), Pro Bono Skills Developed lookup field (multiselect), Pro Bono Appropriate Volunteer lookup field (multiselect), Pro Bono Expiration Date field, and Pro Bono Zodiac Sign. The lookup fields all get eponymous lookup lists, and said lists are populated with some nice values.

LS-77032: When the api/v1/documents endpoint added a document to a matter created on an online intake site via the Online Intake Import API endpoint, the document(s) would not be transferred to the primary site when the the intake was begun on the pending case. That would make anyone sad. This ticket brings joy to this part of your life.

LS-78426: The Reports list you may have ensconced on your lovely dynamic Grant profile page gets several new filters for your slicing and dicing pleasure.

LS-78505: Make the "Email PDF of Profile" block work on external forms. It won't show a Send button like an "internal" auxiliary form does, but when the person filling out the external form clicks Continue, the selected profile will be generated as a PDF file and emailed to the recipient(s).

LS-78719: Uploading files to an Expense Report has become a problem. Might not upload. Might upload, but not appear on the Expense Report. All such sadness is fixed by this ticket.

LS-78789: The Litigants block that surely adorns your dynamic litigation form gains a new "Contact Types to Show by Default" configuration option that lists the various kinds of people the form might show: Client, Family/Non-Adverse Party, Assignment(s), etc. Hide any your folks don't typically use. Bonus: There's a Show button if people do need to see a group you've hidden by default. Bonus+: Some nice headers have been added to visually group things.

LS-78790: There is a new static "Copy Litigation" process you can add to the Actions menu on cases. Upon clicking, it will display a page that you select an existing litigation record to copy. Upon choosing, it will display the shiny new litigation record in editable form, wherein you can make the needed/desired changes. NB: The list of litigation record(s) you can pick from is displayed in the format "Caption (Docket Number)".

LS-78864: The Type filter on the Documents list view is now a multiselect. Possible use: You enable custom default filters, and select all Types except Emails. For when you want, say, your volunteers to see Documents on cases, but not Emails sent to cases.