2021-07-28 Release Notes


The nice folks at Pegasus Legal Services for Children are excited to go live next week πŸ₯³.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-07-29, then on live sites on 2021-08-06. πŸ•š

LS-72149: The column headers displayed by the Online Intake Non-AP/Family block can now be translated on the system translation page.

LS-77308: If you have enabled searching on Case Title, it will now work in both iterations: Search > People > Case Title and Search > Case Title.

LS-77467: For sites with the GIS module: We are updating the Congressional District, State Legislature District Upper, and State Legislature District Lower political boundaries for all states. We welcome and encourage testing an address or two on your demo site in the coming week. Please file a ticket if you notice any discrepancies so we can address any issues before the updates hit live sites.

LS-77472: Dragging a file in a SharePoint Documents list to move it from one folder to another now works in Firefox. Because we support the underdog browser that looks out for our privacy and freedom.

LS-77578: The "Restrict Calendar Events to User's Office or Program" setting on the Admin > Restricted Programs/Offices page will only restrict offices or programs that are selected in the lists above it, otherwise the events will show up on the user's calendar as usual.

LS-77579: Adding a calendar event to a case will default the office and program on the event to the case's assigned office and program. Adding an event in other places will default them to the office and program of the user creating the event.

LS-77580: There is a new user role permission "View All Tasks/Events/Deadlines". Might be useful if you have been over to the Admin > Restricted Programs/Offices page and turned on "Restrict Calendar Events to User's Office or Program".

LS-78320: Folks with the permission to see "Color Events" in the side bar on the main calendar page will no longer be scared or confused by inactive Event Type lookup values, which will now not be shown.

LS-78666: When you choose to send an email as part of the Document Selection block, you'd really like line breaks you enter in the Email Body field to be preserved so your recipient(s) don't get a big blob of text. This ticket will treat your carefully crafted spacing with the respect it deserves.

LS-78794: The Admin > Site Settings page gains a "Show Email Subject on Note Forms" setting. Enabling it will expose the Subject field in editable form in many places after clicking a "Choose Recipients" button to email a note.

LS-78842: Deep diving AGMers may notice the distribution by staff pay period pages loading faster.

LS-78961: When creating a calendar event and using the date picker calendar icon to select a Start Date, the End Date could get out of sync (a/k/a not be the date you wanted). After this fix hits, you will find it a more pleasant experience.

LS-79013: Guided Navigation can now set the value of fields that are "Display Only" to humans. Notably, fields like Legal Problem Code. Humans can only set that field via a block. But GN builders don't live by the same rules.

LS-79181: The Case Data > Number of Days Open field is great for closed cases, but always displayed a 0 for open cases. And you often want to know how many days an open case has been open. Now you can.