2021-08-04 Release Notes


🎆 Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A (a/k/a Brooklyn A or BKA) is excited to be going live next week. We're excited to help them advance social and economic justice and community empowerment.

Welcome the following organizations as they start onboarding:

📣 Harris County Office of Managed Assigned Counsel

📣 Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

📣 Legal Aid of West Virginia

Changes and Updates

🕚 Effective for demo sites on 2021-08-05, then on live sites on 2021-08-13. 🕚

Immigration form I-864ez (03-10-21) is out in the wild.

LS-78827: The "Restrict Search Results to User's Office" setting was doing its thing, even when the user's Role has the "View All Cases" permission. Deemed undesirable by some, the "View All Cases" permission has been restored to its position as the one permission to override them all.

LS-79012: Ensure the FTE Percentage value set by the block (instead of the bare field value) is used in EVT and AGM to determine whether to show a user on verification screens. If those acronyms don't ring a bell, you won't care.

LS-79093: Make sure the Signature Attestation block placed on a shiny dynamic external profile displays completion information for the survey/external form and the image of the signature if your survey/form asked for one.

LS-79222: For sites with Multi Factor Authentication enabled, site administrators can now require MFA per user role and set the types of authentication allowed on the Admin > Site Settings page.

LS-79424: Will anyone notice some of the columns in people finder and conflict search results are sortable?

LS-79358: A change to the Litigants block used on most Litigation forms that landed on last Friday (2021-07-30) was inadvertently hiding adverse parties from the list of potentially involved people. This ticket advertently unhides them. All sites updated with the fix on 2021-08-02.