2021-08-11 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

🕚 Effective for demo sites on 2021-08-12, then on live sites on 2021-08-20. 🕚

LS-54980: Form builders prepare for excitement. When editing one of your shiny dynamic forms, the side bar will now display a "Preview saved form in English" link. Said link will open a new browser tab with, you guessed it, a preview of your form. Nice. Savvy readers spotted the "English" in that link. Yes, Virginia, if your site has other languages you will see a Preview link for each additional language. Agréable.

LS-57023: The Adverse Party block has options to require an Address, City, State, and Zip. But the requiredness was a bit lacking. Now those options will make the field(s) truly required, with red "Foo is required" warnings if not filled in.

LS-64819: The Note Drafts widget that can be displayed at the top of every page (up near the menu with your name in it) has received some love and attention. If you have a large number of drafts, the widget will show the total count, but, and this is the beauty part, the mouseover will now show only the most recent 10, instead of a potentially huge list that went off the bottom of your screen pushing the "See All Drafts" link down into obliviion. Bonus: The mouseover also gains a "Delete All Drafts" link.

LS-66593: When editing a user role and gazing at the Viewable User Stripe Items, you may notice that the MyLS and MySupeLS entries (which you probably wisely ignored) are now "MyLS (deprecated, do not use)" and "MySupeLS (deprecated, do not use)". A future ticket will delete those options entirely, so don't use them, or be ready to see them disappear.

LS-71475: The APIs that let you do things with adverse parties gain the ability to do things to/with an AP's DOB, Gender, Race, and SSN. Read all about it on the Apidocs changelog.

LS-71478: The Online Intake Trigger API gains a new "intake_process_id". API types will know what that means, and rejoice, and read all about it on the Apidocs changelog.

LS-76349: Problem Code can be set to required in the Problem Code/Special Problem Code and Case Specific Questions blocks. Now it will bear the expected red star if you do that. And if you fail to heed the red star, the top-of-the-page warning now includes the field name.

LS-76531: If you put the Family Information block on the first step of an intake, it will now display a nice message that it can't be used in that way instead of causing a full page error when you try to start such an intake.

LS-77236: Are you embedding pie charts all over the place via the Report Part block? Frustrated that the Width Percentage seemed ineffectual? Frustration removed.

LS-78839: Make even more columns in Search results sortable.

LS-79135: Have you ever done a People > Search and gotten a match on an Alias, but were sad and confused by the lack of a reference to where that alias was used? Sadness be gone as you will now see a link to where the alias record lives.

LS-79277: For dynamic callbackers, the "Callback Attempt (Call Now) Process" setting on the Admin > Site Settings page will no longer show you options that will break your shiny dynamic call now things.

LS-79410: When adding a custom field on a site that has the Etransfer Module, the "Allow Transfer" option is shown on the create page. Negating the need to create the custom field, then go back and edit it to set that option. Online intake builders are dancing a jig.

LS-79538: Deleting a calendar event was causing an error if the event had an associated task with a reminder. Fixed and all sites updated effective 2021-08-06.