2021-08-18 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-08-19, then on live sites on 2021-08-27. πŸ•š

LS-72294: If you are using the Edit Multiple Users Simultaneously feature, your account will no longer show up in the list of user records that can be manipulated. If you want to, say, inactivate your own login, you'll need to find another way.

LS-76599: Make the Event List list view available on a dynamic calendar section front.

LS-79534: Clinicians: The Appointment Creation block that lives on your "Edit Clinic Event Time Slots" form gets a new "Include Publish Online Option" configuration option. Uncheck it if you don't publish clinic event appointment slots and thus don't need to see that field for every slot. While we were there, we changed the "Show Label" option to the better "Show Slot Field Labels".

LS-79537: Does your site have a Clinics tab in the navigation bar? Have you been, not sad, but mildly irked, that the tab is not highlighted after you click on it like all the other tabs? Behold and enjoy the highlighting consistency.

LS-79663: Creating appointment slots on the calendar could be tiresome as you laboriously typed out the Start Date, leaving you pining for a calendar icon date picker. Pine no more. We hope slot creators find this a joyful experience.

LS-79689: Adding a calendar event to a case/matter will default the office and program on the event to the assigned office and program, or the intake office and program, or the prescreen office and program, or to a pair of shrugging unicorn emojis.

LS-79707: If you have the Primary Address block on your shiny organization profile page, you may have been enjoying entering Phone and Fax numbers when editing, but been mildly vexed when those fields didn't display on the profile. Be vexed no more.

LS-79722: You've been enjoying seeing the numbers in numeric columns in reports nicely right aligned, along with the column totals. More joy as this ticket now takes care of subtotals in sectioned reports.

LS-79729: If you are perusing the Reports section of the Admin > Site Settings page, you may notice a new "Allow Restricting Individual Reports From Being Accessed From External IPs" option. You can skip over it unless you are Restricting Access to LegalServer by IP Address. If you are doing that, the new option extends the concept to individual reports, wherein when editing, the new Attribute named "Disallow Access from External IP Range" may intrigue you.

LS-79775: Number crunchers, statisticians, and evaluators will surely be pleased that the top level Case Data table in reports gains two new virtual fields: Number of Days Since Date Opened and Number of Days Since Date Closed. Phase of the moon πŸŒ› for each of those dates coming soon.

LS-79907: Reports gains a new Case Data > Asset Entries (one row per entry) subtable. All the asset detail you could ever want.