2021-08-25 Release Notes


Excited to go live next week are:

πŸŽ‰ Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center

πŸŽ‰ Rural Law Center of New York

Excited to have already gone live is:

πŸŽ‰ Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

(Ed: the person responsible for failing to mention CAASE last week has been sacked)

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-08-26, then on live sites on 2021-09-03. πŸ•š

LS-37568: User Role permissions pages gain a new "Edit Own Programs" item.

LS-54979: When editing forms and profiles, the blue triangles/arrowheads/expand-collapse things are a bit larger, in an attempt to prevent accidental dragging when you want to expand/collapse.

LS-55580: People who use the Rich Text Editor for notes will be pleased to see that the drag handle in the lower right corner of a text box does something now.

LS-78732: For API mavens: The GNAPI was grabbing lookup value IDs, like 100802, instead of names, like "Buenos Aires". Names it is now.

LS-79382: The "Donation Settings" section of the Admin > Process Settings page gains some new options that let you turn off the static donation links and light up your shiny dynamic donation processes.

LS-79385: Better error messages when attempting to upload files to the /api/v1/documents endpoint when the file or filename is missing. You API types will likely enjoy reading: https://apidocs.legalserver.org/docs/ls-stoplight-coreapi-public/docs/z-Change-Log.md

LS-79810: If you've managed, somehow, to get an outside organization referral record created without an organization, we will catch that and tell you, versus a form or GN trying to use that record just dying with an error.

LS-79900: If you use the Adverse Party block and have crafted a wonderful Submit Label for the drab "Continue" button, your exciting button label will be used when there is no adverse party entered, and (this is the fix part) when one or more APs have been entered.

LS-79985: The Case Contacts list view, which adorns most case profile pages, gets a new ""Show Contact Create Button" option. Checked (enabled) by default to maintain current behavior, uncheck it to hide the "+" button normally displayed in the list's filter bar.