2021-09-01 Release Notes


Excited to begin onboarding are:

Changes and Updates

๐Ÿ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-09-02, then on live sites on 2021-09-10. ๐Ÿ•š

LS-78797: The Activities block lets you enter and optionally email a note. Now it lets you optionally change the Email Subject for said optional email.

LS-79192: Enabling and requiring MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) and requiring a user to change their password, at the same time, could leave said user in an endless loop. This ticket breaks the loop.

LS-79384: Project module aficionados may enjoy the ability to associate cases with their projects.

LS-79444: You can now specify an Email Subject for your Scheduled Reports.

LS-79606: The Enhanced Charges block gets several nice visual touch-ups. Read-only fields look more read-only-ish, validation warnings about missing required fields are roomier, textarea boxes are more stylish, and so much more.

LS-79884: The Document Packet Generation block will now play nice on an external form.

LS-80056: The Applicant Phone #s block, and individual phone fields, get a new "Do not format phone text entered". Highly useful if you have clients not living in a NANP country. Or living in a country that needs a separate Wikipedia page devoted solely to phone number misconceptions. (NB: Phone fields still can't handle 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3.)

LS-80078: The Signature Attestation block on a branch logic form was a bit aggressive. It was doing its thing even if the branch logic on the primary form didn't call that branch logic form. It will now play nice and do nothing unless summoned into action.

LS-80248: You put a phone field on your form. You notice the option to "Require 10 digits?" and get excited. You check that option and save. You later edit the form and are sad to see the check is gone. Sadness removed.

LS-80249: Advanced Grant Filters took a holiday starting early on 2021-08-27. Holiday cancelled and the filters put back to work later the same day. No filters were harmed or lost.

LS-80303: There is a virtual field named Adverse Party Summary that displays a compact view of each adverse party on a case, along with phone and address information. Deemed a bit too compact, it will now also display Immigration Status and Marital Status for each AP.