2021-09-08 Release Notes


Excited to go live next week is:

🎉 Chicago Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights

Changes and Updates

🕚 Effective for demo sites on 2021-09-09, then on live sites on 2021-09-17. 🕚

LS-80000: LegalServer will now properly fetch and renew SharePoint User Authentication Tokens. No more logging out and back in to get generated documents to save to SharePoint.

LS-80308: For sites using the related cases feature, those related cases will now show up as expected in the “related cases/matters” listview available for case profiles.

LS-80248: Phone-based dynamic fields have an option for "Require 10 digits?". This option was not properly displaying its saved state when editing the form and would therefore be unintentionally disabled if the user did not notice it had become unchecked. This ticket fixes that.

LS-80216: Do your hopes and dreams include downloading document templates from a user profile? If so, this ticket is for you as it makes the “recommended document” block available to add to user profile tab blocks again.

LS-80071: The “print this timekeeping log” option will now retain the filters set in the timekeeping log when displaying.