2021-09-22 Release Notes


Excited to go live next week are:

📣 Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

📣 Inland Counties Legal Services

📣 Tubman

Changes and Updates

🕚 Effective for demo sites on 2021-09-23, then on live sites on 2021-10-01. 🕚

LS-78771: If you get an MMS message (a text with a file or picture attached) it could, if the number it was sent from matched multiple cases, show multiple "duplicate" files (one per matched case) on the corresponding case note. Clutter removed.

LS-79009: There is a new "End Date" system field available on Outreach records. Substitute whatever name your site uses for "outreach" records.

LS-79010: Report writers in the US and Micronesia will be excited by two new date presets: "Current US Federal Fiscal Year" and "Previous US Federal Fiscal Year".

LS-79204: The "Color Events" side bar option on the main Calendar page would eventually grind your session to a halt if you changed "Color events by:" many times. If you don't believe it, go to your live site before this fix hits and try it. You should notice the page getting slow to respond around change 14 or 15. If you have the patience, keep going and you'll eventually lock up your session. Maybe even your whole browser.

LS-79739: Search > People is great. But have you ever wanted to know if a name matches only clients (not contacts, adverse parties, etc.)? If you so desire, enable the new Search > Clients option on the Admin > Top Level Navigation/Search page. On the Search tab thereon, you'll find a new "Show Client Search in Search Menu" setting. Off by default.

LS-79741: Speaking of the Search menu, have you ever wanted a way to hide Search > People from users by user role? Maybe you don't want "Interns" or "Students" or similar to see Search > People nor Search > Clients (see previous note). If so, now you can deselect those roles to hide People or Clients searches. Head over to the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page.

LS-79743: Dropbox is changing various things on the backend. We've updated the plumbing on our end so your Dropbox Integration continues to work seamlessly.

LS-80122: The Create Assignment block now has options to not only default the Office and/or the Program, but to make either or both read-only.

LS-80165: You've added a note to an organization record that has a file attached. Clicking on the file name in the notes list will now show you the document profile instead of the less helpful error page.

LS-80274: The "Online Intake Financial Information - Detailed" block will now calculate and store adjusted percentage of poverty if you have it configured to do so.

LS-80662: AGM aficionados will be pleased that Redistribute pages now let you redistribute from other grants into your target grant.

LS-80748: Uploading a document to a calendar event works again.

LS-80764: The "Email PDF of Profile" block will once again generate a PDF and send it when you click the button.

LS-80845: Trying to edit Guided Navigation dialogues was, briefly, an unfulfilling and mildly frightening experience on demo sites as none of your elements would display. Joy and happiness restored on 2021-09-17.

LS-80865: The Event List on the main Calendar page now lets you filter on Location, just like the event list that adorns many home pages.

LS-80894: Static "Add Case Note" forms stopped defaulting the Note Type to "Case Notes". Deemed unacceptable, we restored the expected and beloved behavior on 2021-09-17.

LS-80963: "Language" is now an available column on the "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers, Received" list view. C'est tout. (And yes Virginia, we know there isn't a filter and the column isn't sortable. Watch this space for a future update.)