2021-09-29 Release Notes


Excited to go live next week are the nice folks at πŸ“£ Empire Justice Center πŸ“£

Welcome the nice folks at these organizations as they start onboarding:

πŸ₯‚ Community Legal Services (Arizona)

πŸ₯‚ Delaware County Office of the Public Defender (not where you probably think they are)

πŸ₯‚ Michigan Appellate Defender (yes, they are where you think)

πŸ₯‚ Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs (click through and find out)

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-09-30, then on live sites on 2021-10-08. πŸ•š

SharePoint trifecta (skip ahead if SP doesn't interest you):

LS-72961: Got SharePoint integration? Got files that have been uploaded to a case in LegalServer? Want to copy some of those files from LS to SP? Then you will like the new "S" icon next to each file a case's LS document list.

LS-76341: Did LS-72961 above get you excited? When you copy a file from LS to SP, note how the SP file list automatically refreshes. Lovely.

LS-76344: Display a verdant progress bar when copying a big file from LS to SP. For some reasonable value of "big".

Back to non-SharePointe updates:

LS-79027: The Client Profile page shows "Most Recent Information" for the most recent case/matter. "Most recent" was previously defined as the case/matter with the highest ID number. Not often, but sometimes that method didn't play nice with imported cases, so "Most Recent" is now the case/matter with the most recent Intake Date.

LS-80235: The configuration of the columns on the Tasks list view that adorns many home pages has been given an overhaul. We think it is now a more pleasant, less confusing, experience. We hope you agree.

LS-80455: While adding an alert to a case, you get a list of Users, in the format Last, First. So Bob Smith and Bob Smith, Jr. are indistinguishable. The list is now in the format Last Suffix, First Middle. Now you can tell them apart as you'll see "Smith, Bob" and "Smith Jr., Bob". Rumor has it that other "user-select fields" will get the same enhancement.

LS-80587: The "Delete All Drafts" link in the Notes Widget (optionally displayed a the top of every page) was deleting something less than all note drafts if you had more than 10. This ticket makes "All" mean "All".

LS-80762: Report writers will be delighted to see the new Todo > Notes (One Row per Note) subtable. Delight escalating to joy when they see the Events > Event Notes (One Row per Note) subtable.

LS-80784: If you have multiple versions of either Quick Case Copy or Create New Case for Client pointing to different intakes, you may have those intakes using different followup profiles. Maybe you have a separate "Quick Copy Group Case" using a group intake with a Group Case Profile followup profile. You've been sad because the quickly copied group case was being displayed with the Main Profile. Sadness removed because the new case will remember the intake process it was created with, and honor that intake process's followup profile.

LS-80878: Having a required field on a form and marking it read-only would leave your intrepid users with an unhelpful " is required" validation failure message at the top of the form if that field didn't have a value already stored. Let's skip the message and let the users move along since there is nothing they can do about an empty read-only field (except complain to whoever configured the form that way).

LS-80917: The link to "Print This Timekeeping Log" makes a triumphant return to static Timekeeping section fronts.

LS-81096: The "Merge this Contact" feature has been given a good polishing, various nuts tightened, bearings greased, and new gaskets installed. Notably, for contacts who are users, assignments, if any, will be transferred to the mergee as you hoped and dreamed they would.