2021-10-06 Release Notes


The onboarding/golive crew takes a well-earned, deep, cleansing breath.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-10-07, then on live sites on 2021-10-15. πŸ•š

LS-76743: if you had the "Generate Note from Email Template" block on a branch logic form behind a Show/Hide button, you were perplexed when the block generated a note whether shown or not. The block has been instructed to not do anything if it is hidden when you submit the form.

LS-77396: Case Credit fields now accept up to 3 digits after a decimal point.

LS-77415: If you are using the LSC Self Inspection feature, you may have dreamed of a day when you could lock down Self Inspection List page edits to a chosen few. Your dreams can be realized via the new "Manage Self Inspection Forms" user role permission. Enabled by default, to maintain existing behavior, you need to go uncheck that box on each desired user role to realize your lock down dreams.

LS-80134: The Custodial Status block had two configuration options for "Require Related Charges". Checking and unchecking each to get what you wanted was a challenge. This ticket removes the spurious option to make things less challenging.

LS-80163: Report writers are familiar with the Custom subtable, wherein you find your site's custom fields. You may notice subtables like "Custom 1", "Custom 2", etc. starting to appear. This is a result of getting rid of the previous limit of approximately 1,300 custom fields. Wait. What?! The custom field limit is gone? Yes, Virginia, it is. The new limit is a closely guarded secret. We challenge you to try to reach it. (Tip: You'll give up long before you do.) We realize that having multiple custom tables is not ideal, and have work underway to show all your custom fields in one subtable to rule them all.

LS-80300: For sites with SMS, we're removing the optional fields for the Twilio email and password. These optional fields allowed LegalServer staff to login to the site's Twilio account for troubleshooting. Twilio now requires two factor authentication on all accounts, making these credentials useless, so why have them lying around, or displayed on screen for everyone at the coffee shop to see as they walk by.

LS-80331: For sites with SMS, the Twilio Account SID and Twilio Account Authentication Token fields on the Admin > Telephony & SMS page are now "masked", meaning you'll see "*************" instead of the actual text. This prevents accidentally displaying this information in a web meeting, or to people walking past your monitor, etc. Above each field you'll see the last 4 characters of the field's current value for reference.

LS-80341: The Add Case Note block gets a new configuration option that lets you set some default text for the Note Body field. Useful, for example, when the block is part of some specialized process like "Complete Encabulator Information" on a case, and you want the note body to be pre-populated with some lovely prose.

LS-80761: Client Profile pages (you know, the page you get when you click a client's name) now display Client Alerts.

LS-80982: The Snapshot New element that adorns the side bar on many case profiles, gains a new "Date Open is Editable". Checked/enabled by default to maintain the current behavior, uncheck it if you'd rather your kids not be clicking the Date Opened value to edit it.

LS-81019: If you have enjoyed the ability to restrict some Search menu links by user role, you may get positively giddy when you see you can now do this for the "Contacts", "Documents", and "Other Organizations" links as well. Head over to the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, and the Search tab thereon.

LS-81106: Advocates love the "Actions dropdown" feature on their "My Assignments" home page list. We love helping advocates, so we've extended that feature to the more generic "Case/Matter - Cases" list view. Use Case: You have a "Show Cause" (or other) tab on the home page listing cases that advocates aren't necessarily assigned to, but need to review and work on. You had to use "Case/Matter - Cases" to show the cases regardless of assignment. Now you will be a star in your advocates' eyes if you enable "Actions dropdown" on that list.

LS-81140: Changes to your shiny Advanced Grant Filters now take effect immediately. The confounding delay was deemed too confounding.

LS-81435: Editing Activity records was not a joyful experience last Friday morning. Fix applied everywhere that day at 9:30am EDT / 1:30pm UTC.

LS-81615: The Current Assignments list view that powers most My Assignments home page tabs gains a "Current Level of Service" column. In case your folks want to see it.