2021-10-13 Release Notes


172 years after the gold rush, the nice folks at El Dorado County Counsel are excited to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-10-14, then on live sites on 2021-10-22. πŸ•š

LS-81224: Deleting an MLP Organization Department is problematic if the department is linked to one or more cases. If you try to delete one, you will still get an error page, but the error page will give you a list of all the case numbers that department is linked to. If it is a lot of cases, you will likely just change the name of the department to something like "Foo Department (dept. closed - do not use)" and move on. But you could go to each of those cases and change to a different department, then delete the department on the organization record.

LS-81382: Enabling and disabling forms in an online intake process whilst looking at the front end in another browser or browser tab could be too cache-y, and not show your back end changes on the front end immediately. Cache control engaged.

LS-81475: Dropbox users will no longer get errant error pages when clicking a "Login to Dropbox" link, and should find the integration a more pleasant experience overall.

LS-81479: Be smarter about converting arrays to strings. You may have never seen an error page about this. Now you never will.

LS-81602: If you have enjoyed the ability to restrict some Search menu links by user role, your joy level may go even higher when you learn you can now do this for the "Notes", "Clinic Appts", and "Case ID" links as well. Head over to the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, and the Search tab thereon.

LS-81618: If you have the Case Contacts block configured with "Show Organization Affiliation?" checked, you'd rather not get an error if a contact you select has no organization affiliation or if a contact hasn't been selected yet.

LS-81628: Projects module mavens wanted a simpler means for associating a funding code with a project than the existing Project Grant Distribution Group, thus the Project Funding Code block is born.

LS-81747: For sites with Advanced Grants Management, the Contract Terms list view gets a new column and filter for the Active field, and a default "Active = Active" filter. Because some of you have a lot of Expired and Future contract terms. So, so many.

LS-81757: The Court Case block gets a new "Require Court" configuration option. Pairs nicely with the existing "Show Court" option for robust data collection needs.

LS-81810: The Email PDF of Profile block stopped playing nice on external forms. We've put it into timeout. It should emerge a better, friendlier block.