2021-10-20 Release Notes


πŸŽ‰ The excitement is palpable at Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association as they prepare to go live next week. πŸŽ‰

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-10-21, then on live sites on 2021-10-29 (πŸŽƒ minus 2). πŸ•š

LS-61536: Lay the foundation and start the rough framing for a list view to provide screen readers with a description of the list contents.

LS-77074: Add Core API authorization middleware. Nothing really to report here. It just sounds really cool.

LS-77418: GAR Self Inspection graphs get shiny distinct colors. Different shades of the same color were deemed drab.

LS-79452: If you represent Group clients, this might be of interest. Added the ability to calculate percentage of poverty for non-adverse parties entered via the Person module. Use case: You enter members/constituents/relevant people on a Group case as non-aps, and want to calculate and store percentage of poverty for each of those people.

LS-79522: The Mailing Address block gets a new "Ask for Institution" configuration option. Pick an "institution" (hint: an organization record in your site with the type "Institution"), and its address (if there is one) gets copied into the mailing address.

LS-80524: Supporting SharePoint folder names in the style "Clientlastname, Clientfirstname (casenumber)", or for group cases "Organizationname (casenumber)", seems to be a coming thing. Looks like you have to redeem SharePoint Maven Points to get it.

LS-81603: In the continuing quest to let you hide every link in the Search menu by user role, you can now do this for the "Client/AP Organizations" link. Head over to the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, and the Search tab thereon. Observe the bountiful settings. Become one with the bountiful settings. Achieve inner peace.

LS-81715: Emailed assignment notes stopped replacing the tokens [name], [url], [case], etc. with actual information. Everyone likes a good guessing game, but in this context, knowing who did what to who on which case is preferred, so those tokens will now work again.

LS-81727: The Snapshot Top block configuration lets you pick two auxiliary processes (one for Level of Service and one for Case Status). Now it lets you pick them and it will save your selections.

LS-81756: The Recently Accessed Outreaches list that adorns the Timekeeping section front on most sites gained a mysterious (to most) "CASS#" column. Deemed too mysterious, this ticket hides it.

LS-81702: Advanced Grant Filter writers will be excited to see that instead of filtering a field like Caseworker by User ID numbers, you can now search and select by human names. Guaranteed to work for Timekeeping > Caseworker filters. But the goodness seems to also be there for other user-based filters, like Case/Matter > Primary Advocate.

LS-81781 (Part One): Print profiles that include the Signature Attestations list view should more reliably show what the person scrawled on the screen instead of a long list of alphanumeric characters that humans find difficult to interpret.

LS-81781 (Part Two): We've had to fairly significantly change the formatting of print profiles converted to PDFs (typically with the Email PDF of Profile block). The resulting PDFs will closely resemble what you see on screen when looking at a print profile.

LS-81817: The Email PDF of Profile block stopped retrieving external files. Like logos being retrieved from somewhere other than LegalServer via an Instruction element on a printable profile. This ticket starts it up again.

LS-81929: The Document Selection block was trying to do its thing, but the part where it converts all your things into a PDF was not working. This ticket takes care of that last, but not least, part.

LS-81998: The Activity Log list view's Venue column was empty. Showing the data seemed like a good thing, so this ticket rectifies that. If you've previously disabled that column because of the emptiness, it may be time to try it again.

LS-82009: The Advanced Grant Filters expression editor was relying solely on humans to build valid rules. This ticket applies some background smarts to warn errant humans when they try to do invalid things.