2021-11-03 Release Notes


🏁 The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender (and the people within) are excited to go live next week. 🏁

πŸŽ‰ Welcome the following as they begin their onboarding journey: πŸŽ‰

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-11-04, then on live sites on 2021-11-12. πŸ•š

LS-50070: Case Status History notes were littered with HTML tags. This ticket de-litters them.

LS-72262: Sites using the standard SharePoint integration can organize their cases into as many SharePoint libraries/sites as they want (or just keep things simple with the default library).

LS-76629: A dynamic Calendar section front now has the same Actions menu as a static one.

LS-79131: If you edit a task and mark it complete before its reminder is scheduled to be sent, we will now cancel the reminder. People found getting reminders about things they'd already done confusing.

LS-79132: Extend the reminder cancelling in the previous ticket to tasks marked complete using the handy "Complete" links on a home page My Tasks list.

LS-80964: "Oh how I wish I could have separate tabs for our pending etransfers. One for English, one for Spanish, one for Vietnamese. Wouldn't that be ever so grand?" Yes, Virginia, it would be. And now it can be. The new-ish Language column available on Electronic Case Transfer list views is now sortable, filterable, and spindleable. Imagine the tabs you will build. You will be a hero to your intake folks. They will sing songs celebrating you.

LS-81018: Note Drafts created by the Add Case Note block (which powers all modern Add Case Note forms) stopped creating and displaying a link to the case. This palindromic ticket restores that behavior.

LS-81089: For sites using the Payroll Leave Balance module, a new Prevent Excess Leave block provides the metaphorical ounce of prevention.

LS-81329: The Case Status block lets you use a "[name]" token to fill in the client's name and case number in the note Subject and Body. It's wonderful, unless your client is named ReneΓ© or BjΓΆrk. No more notes about "Reneé".

LS-81831: Guided Navigation Mavens like putting blocks in their dialogues; here the Create Assignment block. Despite having the embedded block set to not require a note, it was. Tremendous hopes the fix here will make other blocks play nice and honor your requiredness configurations.

LS-81970: The Case Credits block gets a new configuration option: "Limit Case Credits to Two Decimal Places". In case you consider a third digit after a decimal point erroneous, unwise, or just undesirable.

LS-81973: The Task Type selector on a task will no longer display inactive values from your carefully curated Task Type lookup list. Letting you mark values inactive, then not having that do anything seemed rude.

LS-82003: The "(Calendar Notes) Posted" and "(no note entered)" text started re-appearing on home page My Tasks lists. This ticket makes sure that unchecking "Display Note Annotations" in the list view configuration will well and truly hide those bits of text.

LS-82205: Adding a case note on sites with Dropbox or Sharepoint integration could result in errant "The case folder does not exist" messages in the Documents section of the form. The form will now display the Documents section normally, or display a "Click here to log in" link if you aren't logged in to Dropbox or Sharepoint, or the "does not exist" message if the case folder truly does not exist.

LS-82221: Are you a Guided Navigation Maven, exporting and importing dialogues between sites? Do some of your dialogues contain custom fields that share a custom lookup list? If so, you will enjoy this ticket, which ensures your second (and third, etc.) custom field(s) will also be properly pointed at the custom lookup list.

LS-82330: The Office column and filter on GAR Self Inspection lists now show LSC Self Inspection Office values.

LS-82437: The Program field went read-only unexpectedly when making assignments on cases depending on how things are configured. Most often seen when assigning a pro bono user to a case with a shiny dynamic "Assign" page using the Create Assignment block. Even if the block was configured to display Program as editable, it wasn't. Fixed throughout the land on 2021-10-29.

LS-82460: Add an "Email" column to clinic event sign-in sheets. Populate that column with client email addresses when and where they exist.

You may remember reading a year ago about these nice folks getting ready to go live. They did. And have been busy since then, opening over 2,000 cases. Send them happy first anniversary wishes if you can.