2021-11-24 Release Notes


We will be closed on Thursday and Friday, but highly trained staff will be monitoring systems, and watching for tickets and emails.

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-11-25, then on live sites on 2021-12-03. πŸ•š

LS-79443 (a): For sites using Electronic Case Transfers, the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page has a new "Email Options" section, wherein you will find the ability to control the Subject line for those emails.

LS-79443 (b): Sites using Pro Bono Opportunities can change the "Pro Bono Interest Email Subject" on the Admin > Pro Bono Settings page.

LS-79785: For sites with Case Bundles enabled, the Case Note List block gets a new "Exclude Bundle Notes" filter. The Case Note block (known colloquially as the "yellow notes") gets a new "Bundle Relationships to Include" filter with several exciting choices.

LS-80311: The top level report tables Event and Todo each get a shiny new "Reminders" subtable. Bountiful and beautiful, it provides all the things you could ever hope for.

LS-80314: The Report Part block now supports restricting results to the event or task the block is embedded on.

LS-81991: Case Alerts were deemed too easy for humans to accidentally dismiss. Now clicking "Dismiss" will raise a popup message "Are you sure you want to dismiss this case alert?". The alert will be dismissed only if you click OK or hit Enter.

LS-82453: The Tasks list view that adorns most homepages on a "My Tasks" tab has an annoying habit of changing custom default filters just by looking at them. No more will you inadvertently make the default user yourself, for everyone, instead of each person seeing their own tasks.

LS-82768: Sorting of text and strings in reports is now case-insensitive. Put another way, AMBELMYER will no longer appear before Absynthium on your report sorted by Last Name. It will appear in and amongst the other "amb" names.

LS-82936: Changes on the Admin > Restricted Programs, Offices, and Grants page could not be saved in rare cases. Rarities dealt with so affected sites can change things. And save them.

LS-82958: The Judge block on a litigation form now lists only active contact records with the type Judge. You've likely never heard of this because your site likely does not have hundreds of inactive judge records. Fixed throughout the land on 2021-11-18.

LS-83015: If you have an external form that depends on a branch logic form to display a "Continue" button, and your button just won't show, the Submit Configurable block can come to your rescue.

LS-83079: Report writers will notice that "Custom" was deemed too generic a name for the subtables where your custom fields live, and you now see "Custom Matter", "Custom Timekeeping", etc. Existing reports do not need adjustment.

LS-83140: Have you ever stared at your dynamic Timeslip Profile and decided it needed an Actions menu? Probably not. But if you have, and encountered an error depending on what you put in said Actions menu, this ticket takes care of the error.

LS-83196: Various user-based search and selects decided to take a holiday on demo sites. Fixed and demo sites updated. No live sites were harmed.

For 25 years, these nice folks have been linking people in need with attorneys and community volunteers. We hope they had time to celebrate 13 years with LegalServer this month.