2021-12-01 Release Notes


🏁 The excitement is palpable as The Second Look Project prepares to go live next week. 🏁

πŸŽ‰ The Public Interest Law Center is excited to start onboarding. πŸŽ‰

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-12-02, then on live sites on 2021-12-10. πŸ•š

Correction to one of last week's notes: LS-81991: Case Alerts were deemed too easy for humans to accidentally dismiss. Now clicking "Dismiss" can raise a popup message "Are you sure you want to dismiss this case alert?". Here's the correction bit: Not enabled by default. If you want this, check the new "Confirm Dismiss Alert" option in the Homepage Alerts block and/or the Case Alerts block. (Per standard LS policy, the person responsible for the omission has been sacked.)

LS-82539: Accessibility: The "/" key will now open the (often red) Search menu. As with any browser shortcut key, your browser or an extension may override this behavior.

LS-82918: Improve the speed of calendar event lists when there are over 9,000,000 events in the system.

LS-82957: The Online Intake Trigger API will now set Race and Gender as you hoped and dreamed it would. Read all about it, and so much more, in the API change log.

LS-83195: The Current Assignments list view that adorns most home pages (under the guise of "My Open Cases" and similar tabs) will no longer show HTML tags like <p> and <blink> in the "Case Status Notes" column.

LS-83235: The dropdown list of Judges on a litigation form have been returned to "Last name, First Name" format. Turns out very few people know judges by their first name, so the "First name Last Name" format was unhelpful.

LS-83281: The Merge Contacts feature can silently refuse to work if two records have the same imported_id value. As the field name hints, this typically only affects contacts that came in via data import from your previous database. This ticket works around that by adding enough unicorn emojis (πŸ¦„) to make each imported_id field truly unique.

LS-83375: The Email PDF of Profile block will no longer throw a "region" error that was happening on some sites.

LS-83409: The Initiated/Concluded Dates block that lives on many litigation forms now displays a Date Picker icon for each date to allow date entry without putting down your beverage.

LS-83416: For sites with multiple language support, the Litigation Cause of Action lookup list values can now be translated into other languages.

LS-83384: As posted in the Siteadmins list, for sites using etransfers, including online intake sites, custom field values stopped transferring this past Friday (2021-11-26). Ouch. Fixed and all sites updated Monday night (2021-11-29).

We hope these nice folks can find time to celebrate 13 years with LegalServer this month. With high temps barely reaching 80F/26C, we realize an outdoor celebration is probably out of the question.