2021-12-08 Release Notes


πŸŽ‰ The Legal Project is excited to start onboarding. πŸŽ‰

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-12-09, then on live sites on 2021-12-17. πŸ•š

LS-80988: Service Type lookup values have an exciting new attribute: "Create in Guided Navigation API?". Exciting to GN Mavens anyway, because it lets the GN API know that it is permitted to create new services of that type.

LS-82917: For some sites using the Waiver module, and an odd "Matter has no open date" error was popping up if the matter was still an incomplete intake. After much sleuthing, it turned out that if you have the Case Timely Closed block on the eligibility form used in the Waiver process, then boom. Ergo: (a) Don't use that block in that spot, and (b) if you do, the error will now say "Matter has no Open Date. The Case Timely Closed block is not compatible with an intake process." to point out that you should reread (a).

LS-82992: The Add Event block lets you add Calendar Notes to the event, and lets you send an email about the event. Wouldn't it be nice if the email included information about the event and a link to the event? Someone thought so. So now it will.

LS-83159: Files in a SharePoint folder with an apostrophe in the name, like "Bob's Folder of Wonderment", were not showing up in the SharePoint documents list on cases. Now they will.

LS-83208: The Date Calculator block has an option called "Select trigger date field". Deemed not clear enough, it now bears the label "When a change is triggered on this date". No change in functionality, no need to do anything with existing instances of the block.

LS-83228: You can add a custom field to the Service module that displays a list of users. Now your reports can have a proper subtable for those fields, with the Person subtable you hoped and dreamed for (to get at the user names).

LS-83357: Todo > Reminder and Calendar Events > Reminder subtables in reports get new and exciting options. Including the ability to pull names.

LS-83386: The Email PDF of Profile block was sometimes timing out waiting for the PDF to be generated. It is now more patient.

LS-83422: For sites using the Internal Transfers feature, the Assigned Program filter on the list view disappeared. This ticket restores it.

For 55 years, these nice folks have been helping people in their small, but densely packed, service area (6,843.5 people per square mile, 2,642.3 per square kilometer). We hope they get a chance to note and celebrate 9 years with LegalServer this month.