2021-12-15 Release Notes


Pulaski County Public Defender and Travis County Public Defender's Office see the 🏁 ahead as they prepare to go live next week.

Geography challenge: Which state(s) are they in?

Changes and Updates

πŸ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-12-16, then on live sites on 2021-12-24. πŸ•š

LS-77215: There is a shiny new GET matter API endpoint. LS-78841: And an equally shiny POST matter API endpoint. If you are into API endpoints and such, read all about them in the API Changelog.

LS-82131: For sites with multiple language support, the Client Survey Send Request block gains support for entering translations of Default SMS text, Default Email Subject text, and Default Email Body text. Parfait, non?

LS-82934: Have you ever wanted to display something other than who created an event on the calendar Day/Week/Month views? If so, you may be excited by the new "Determine which event field should be displayed in the header on the calendar day, week, and month views" on the Admin > Calendar Settings page. Yes, Virginia, you can set it to Attendees. Or another field of your choice. Did you know when you see an event on the Day/Week/Month view that's called a "tile"? Now you do.

LS-83105: There is a new Case Information > Referring Org subactor available for new style document templates. Need to stuff the name and address of the organization that referred a case to you into a template? Go for it.

LS-83116: If your site uses Waivers, you've likely noticed that the Waiver block has an annoying habit of ignoring the "Only Show Waiver if Eligibility is No" configuration option. This ticket removes the annoyance.

LS-83383: Restored the ability to filter a report on the System Users > Unique ID field.

LS-83472: Reports get a new Case Data > Primary Assignment > Assigned Program [Lookup] subtable. Not enthralled? Then you likely don't have or need an export index based on a case's current Assigned Program. But if you need to display in a report whether a case is a "Senior Center Case" (or something else) based on its program, you are giddy with excitement.

LS-83548: Quick Case Copy and Create New Case for Client will now copy the Country of Birth and Country of Citizenship field values to the new case.

LS-83581: Your shiny dynamic Grants section front stopped displaying recently, didn't it? Not good. Will be better on the effective dates.

LS-83592: Batch survey senders will be relieved to hear their batches will stop throwing an error.

LS-83595: Report writers will be glad to see that changing the Charset in a CSV Options element is now not only possible, but saves properly if you change it.

LS-83607: Reports referencing an old assigned program field were not getting sent out by Scheduled Reports because of an underlying error. This ticket takes care of the error.

LS--83633: The Body field of Messages (in the Message Center, if you have that enabled), will no longer display HTML tags like <p> and <marquee>.

LS-83640: Project module connoisseurs have long dreamed of being able to add multiple notes to their projects. Dreams fulfilled by a "Notes" block for display, and a static "Add New Note" process for the Actions menu.

LS-83817: If you have turned on "Enable Documents to be Added by URL" (on the Admin > Document Settings page), and you use the Documents list view (not the Document List block), then your folks may like it if you enable the newly available "Document URL" column on that list view.

LS-83900: For sites with multiple language support, you may now freely translate the lookup values for Additional Contact Type.

For the past 20 years these nice folks have provided legal and critical social services for courageous and resilient immigrant survivors of human rights abuses from all over the world. We're happy to have been part of that work for 5 years this month.