2021-12-22 Release Notes


We have an interstitial week coming up. The sometimes quiet time between winter festivals and new year celebrations. The sometimes frantic time when you realize all those "end of year" deadlines are upon you.

Changes and Updates

๐Ÿ•š Effective for demo sites on 2021-12-23, then on live sites on 2021-12-31. ๐Ÿ•š

LS-77216: Initial implementation of the GET /matters API endpoint, known colloquially as "Search Matter". Check out the API Changelog if those words interest you.

LS-79295: Let's say your online intake has a "Review your Information" kind of page. Let's also say you ask, but don't require, an email address. If the applicant doesn't enter an email address, the review page should just be blank for that field, not display a big block of strange text, right? We thought so, too.

LS-80989: A Guided Navigation API Call can now create or update Service records with API response data. Mavens will be excited by the functionality, as well as the shiny new "Create or Update service with jq filters" pane in the segment editor. Dying to know what "jq" is? It's a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. You're welcome.

LS-81630: Last week, Project module aficionados got the ability to add multiple notes to their projects. Not sated, they returned with the dream of adding timeslips to their projects. Those dreams may come true via the "Process for Adding Project Time" setting on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page.

LS-81890: There is a new "Assignments" list view available for use on Case Bundle profiles. Yes, Virginia, this means that your case bundles can now have assignments.

LS-82989: The Case Contact list view that adorns many case profiles has a new "Relationship Type" column available. Bonus change: The Role column will append relationship type if it exists; viz. "Family Member - Biological Parent".

LS-83359: Have you ever imported a Guided Navigation dialogue that references a custom multi-select lookup field, then were dismayed to find said field was created on your site as a single-select custom lookup? If so, you'll be pleased to hear this ticket will keep the "multi" in multi-select intact.

LS-83627: The "Log Back In" button that can appear in the giant red bar at the top of the page when your session times out will again do what it says on the tin.

LS-83699: Deleting a Charge was problematic if charges on the site use custom fields. Problematicism resolved.

LS-83710: Timezones are fun. Except when they result in getting prompted more than once for an MFA code in a 24-hour period. Might still be an issue after your flight from JFK lands at Heathrow and your laptop updates from EST to GMT.

LS-83857: This ticket adds custom field processing to the GET and POST /matters API endpoints. Intrigued? Check out the API Change Log.

LS-83868: Make Create New Case for Client more robust, especially when trying to copy from imported cases with interesting and unusual data in them.

LS-83881: Restored the checkboxes that let you edit multiple tasks on the Calendar section front's Actions > View Your Task List page. Too late for this week, we noticed that the task list seems to have lost the concept of "Your", and is displaying all incomplete tasks. Watch this space for a future update on that.

LS-83979: If you are doing MFA (multi-factor authentication) via email, the page that lets you enter the activation code now has some helpful text: "We've sent an email to [your email address will be here]. Please look for it and enter the code given in that email." Helpful and polite. What's not to like.

LS-84023: Things that produce PDF files, like the Email PDF of Profile block, could sometimes produce a filename ending in ".pdf.pdf". One ".pdf" seems sufficient, so we're going with that.

We hope these nice Gem State residents have had time to celebrate 11 years with LegalServer this month. Everyone say Hi! to Bev.