2021-12-29 Release Notes


Welcome the following organizations as they prepare to begin onboarding:

🏗️ Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area

🏗️ Southern Nevada Senior Law Program

Changes and Updates

🕚 Effective for demo sites on 2021-12-30, then on live sites on 2022-01-07. 🕚

LS-77355: Teaser Warning: A shiny new api/v1/matters/PATCH endpoint is being put through its paces. If you like your interfaces programmable, your anticipation level just went up a few notches. Watch for news on the API Change Log page.

LS-78993: The Google Team Drive Documents list view gets a new checkbox: "All results must contain an exact match to the LegalServer case number of this case". Not enabled by default, check that box to exclude files that would otherwise match on only the client name.

LS-79592: You've got your online intake speaking multiple languages, then sadness hits when you provide translations for the column headers included in the Income, Expenses, and Liquid Asset list views, but your translations don't show up. This ticket will elevate your mood.

LS-81744: There is a lookup for "Field Type" on the Admin > Lookups page. It throws an error if you get curious and click on it. We like curious people, and feel bad when we punish curiosity with an error page. "Field Type" shouldn't be there, so this ticket gets rid of it.

LS-83023: If you have the Generic Lookup Selector block in a Guided Navigation segment, and then on the same segment have a field whose logic is triggered by the result of the Generic Lookup Selector, the logic on the subsequent element never triggers. This ticket embiggens the triggering.

LS-83822: MFA and APIs and Roles, Oh My! The Admin > Site Settings page gets some new text about requiring MFA (multi-factor authentication) for user roles. The new verbiage: "Note: Users whose role has the API Access permission will not be required to implement MFA." If you are thinking "Oh, so there's a bypass mechanism for API users" then award yourself a gold star (🌟) for sagacity. If you've required MFA for a role, yet those users seem to be able to login without MFA being required, go poking at the permissions for that role on the Admin > User Role Permissions page.

LS-84029: The Matter Discovery Log list view lets you pick a Dynamic Process (to control what the "+" button does). Actually saving your selection seems like the right thing to do, so this ticket does that.

LS-84030: The Calendar Export Format beta feature wasn't doing what you hoped and dreamed it would for the Title, Location, and Event Type fields. Now it will.

LS-84144: "Additional URL Paremeter". We checked. That's not a word. Fixed.

LS-84181: Sites using median income scales were experiencing "Income Eligible" not being set on financial forms. Fixed and all sites updated 2021-12-27 at approximately 14:19 EST.

So many things to celebrate for these nice folks. One year with LegalServer this month. Their 43rd anniversary on January 1st. Winds out of the south pushing high temps up to 71F/21C.