2022-01-12 Release Notes


🏁 Excitement level is high as the nice folks at Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense prepare to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

Effective for demo sites on 2022-01-13, then on live sites on 2022-01-21.

LS-81898: The In-Place Client Search block now lets you include A Number in the search. See the new configuration options "Show A Number" and "Require A Number". Also noteworthy is that A Number is an available column to display in the list of results.

LS-82118 and LS-82120: SharePointians will be pleased to discover that files uploaded via the Affirmative Litigation, Attestation on File, and Retainer on File blocks will now upload to the case and to the case's SharePoint folder.

LS-82291: You love External Forms so much that you have a bunch of different Actions menu links on your cases like "Send Housing Release" and "Send UNHCR/PRM Form". Nice. But you have no way to default the external process on each form, so your kids still have to pick the right one. And sometimes they don't. If you recognize this situation, you will be excited to see two new configuration options for the CSSR block: "Default Survey Process" and "Default External Process".

LS-82967: Guided Navigation mavens have long enjoyed the "Create Field" button in the Expressions Editor (some of you really, really enjoy it) to create a custom field on the fly. Lacking was the ability to create a multi-select lookup field. Lacking no more. And yes, Virginia, it will also let you create a custom lookup list and add values if you so desire.

LS-83206: You've enabled Enhanced Reminders and thoroughly enjoy them. So much so that you're always a bit sad when you create an appointment slot and can't use them there. Sunny days ahead.

LS-83668: The Actions menu link on the main calendar page is "View Your Task List". Somewhere along the way, the list forgot what "Your" means. We thought about changing the link to "View Everyone's Tasks", but decided to put the "Your" functionality back in.

LS-83796: The Admin > Restricted Programs/Offices page has an unlabeled section at the bottom of the page with a list of grants. It gets an "Invert/Flip Selection" option. For those times when you want to do that.

LS-83949: Pressing the dot/period key on a page with an Actions menu will open said Actions menu and put the focus in the Actions menu search box. Nice. Pressing either Esc or Tab and dot/period again will close it. Added as part of the Accessibility Initiative, but the keyboard-centric/mouse-averse among us are free to enjoy it as well.

LS-84090: The Generic Lookup Selector block lets you pick a Default Value. Works great on case/matter forms. Wasn't working quite as well on a service/phase form. Now it will.

LS-84312: You've set it so cases use your shiny Profile Views based on Legal Problem Code. The disappointment at this not working will vanish as soon as this fix hits your site.

LS-84370, LS-84389, LS-84390: The translation ticket trifecta. Sites with Multiple Language Support can now translate the lookup values for School Status, Medical Insurance Type, and Military Service. Trois c'est bien.

LS-84373: The Add Charges block will now let you enter up to 30 charges per case.

LS-84502: Frequent users of the Message Center will be delighted to see the list of Dismissed Messages now shows the most recently dismissed ones at the top.

These nice folks work with over 1,400 volunteer attorneys, paralegals, law students, and community members to help people get the help they need. We're happy to have been a part of that for 13 years this month.