2022-02-02 Release Notes


Join us in welcoming the following programs as they prepare to being onboarding:


πŸ—οΈ Jewish Family Service of Seattle

πŸ—οΈ The Justice Center at Albany Law School

πŸ—οΈ National Homelessness Law Center

πŸ—οΈ The Waterfront Project

Get excited as these nice folks prepare to go live next week:

🏁 Mirza Law Office

🏁 Parole Preparation Project

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-02-03, then on live sites on 2022-02-11. ⏳

LS-81637: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, the new Bundles list view will provide a beautiful display. On your shiny dynamic Bundles section front if you decide to make one.

LS-83641: Data nerds may enjoy the new "Record Create Datetime" field on matter records. A proper timestamp with time zone field. Added in mid-December, so you will only see a value set on matters created since then. No assembly required; it's just there, automagically getting set.

LS-83869: The Generic Outgoing API block doesn't like custom fields that evaluate to null (or NULL for you purists). This ticket tells it to stop throwing errors and do its thing even if some of the referenced custom fields are indeed null.

LS-84122: API kids: Enhancements to the GET /matters API endpoint (you love your endpoints). Colloquially know as Matter Search. Read all about it in the API Changelog.

LS-84289: Configuring an API call in a Guided Navigation segment will be a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

LS-84903: The Send Email block lets you use a "[user]" marker in the email body so "[user] completed the compliance form." gets sent as "Marcia completed the compliance form". But, if the block is configured to also create a case note, it included a live "[user]" marker. So when Jan looked at it, it would read "Jan completed the compliance form." Fixed.

LS-84715: The Advanced Grant Filters logic evaluator needed to be taught about "double" number types. So your filter on fields like Total Monthly Income or Total Household Size will do what you want.

LS-84719: You know and love the search and select aspect of Recipients boxes when emailing notes. But it could let you down at times. Most frequently seen after selecting one person, then starting to type in the second person, then getting search results for person 1. Forcing you to angrily backspace over what you had typed for person 2 and re-entering it. We felt every angry keystroke, so we fixed it.

LS-84743: The Create PDF link that can appear in the side bar when completing a process can get confused when the process contains many forms and those forms contain certain elements. This ticket fixes one of those contrary elements (yes, Harriett, non-liquid assets). Bonus: Improved the error reporting when things go south. A blank white page of sadness is unfulfilling.

LS-84974: The SMS block says you can use [first_name] and [last_name] as variables in your message. So you hoped the text to your client Leo Szilard would say "Hi Leo!", but instead he got "Hi [first_name]!" This ticket will reduce Leo's confusion.

LS-85190: User search and select boxes (you know, like when adding users to a task, attendees to an event, or email recipients to a scheduled report) will now display the email address for each user in the search results to help distinguish between users with the same first and last name. If you have users with the same first name, last name, and email address, we can't really help. Maria1 and Maria2 maybe?

LS-85217: Making Multi-factor Authentication available on a site currently requires you to file a Support Request and wait for a LegalServer staffer to do so. After this ticket hits, the power is in your hands dear site administrators.

You may think of bucolic summer vacations and the Mars Cheese Castle when a certain state comes to mind, but there are people there who need help, and these nice folks have been providing it for over 50 years. We're excited to have been a part of that for 2 years this month.