2022-02-09 Release Notes


Everyone is excited about these nice folks preparing to go live next week:

🏁 Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources

🏁 Mosaic Family Services

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-02-10, then on live sites on 2022-02-18. ⏳

LS-55002: "Show Nulls" in report columns of type integer, numeric, and money, works again. Report writers rejoice. Data analytics nerds do whatever it is you do.

LS-71372: Report API aficionados will be excited by the new "Report Output JSON - JSON output of only the data shown in the report" option in the API/XML/XSL/EIEIO/Template configuration.

LS-81645: Add a bunch of fields to the Matter API endpoints. Way too many to list here. Read all about it in the excellent API Changelog.

LS-83630: Power users of the Pro Bono Recommended List list view will be excited to see custom default filter options for "Problem Code of this Case" and "County of this Case".

LS-83922: You may have noticed "Net Income" things sneaking into the configuration options of the Financial Information block. If curious, read all about it in the recently spruced up help page.

LS-84283: How counties are handled in the Add Matter API endpoint has changed. APIers head over to the API Changelog to make sure you read, understand, and follow the safety rules that come with your power tools.

LS-85114: You may recall in a previous episode of Release Notes how we put the "Your" back in the calendar's "View Your Task List". Turns out some of you are nosy need to perform program-wide task management. So now the list will default to showing only your tasks, but the filter bar will show the default filter "User = Your Name Here". Said default filter will have the usual "X" allowing you to temporarily remove it and snoop around view your colleagues' tasks.

LS-85185: If you have your Financial Information block set to display Percentage of Median Income (not Area Median Income, Virginia; two different animals, and the similar names are not our fault), you've been confused, scared even, by seeing "N/A" on your financial forms, even though you've setup your scales and you can see PMI has been calculated and stored when viewing the case profile, reports, etc. This ticket fixes the Financial Information block's display deficiency.

LS-85207: The field search boxes in Advanced Grant Filters were searching for field Short Names and Descriptions. Great fun, like not showing you the second of two very similarly named fields, could ensue. This ticket makes it less fun and more functional.

LS-85216: Various things that make PDFs were struggling when the resulting PDF was over 6MB. After this fix hits, the sky is the limit.

LS-85248: Hard to explain. But if you have intake folks who have gotten the dreaded "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" error during an intake wherein there is Guided Navigation, then you'll like this fix.

LS-85351: The Guided Navigation API Call element could fail on Create or Update Service (phase) records if there was an error in the jq arguments. No one wants that, so this ticket stops the failure. Or alerts the media. But something better than what happened before.

LS-85262: The Generic Outgoing API block's "Store response in a note" option wasn't doing what you hoped and dreamed it would do. Hopes realized. Dreams fulfilled.

LS-85370: Pro tip: If you are testing the Send Password Reset Link block and use it on a test account, the link will not work if you are logged in to LegalServer under your admin account. Click the link in the email and open it in a new Private/Incognito browser window, or log out of LegalServer before you click the link. This will not be necessary in a real world scenario where you are sending the link to real user.

LS-85415: Funding Code is now an available column to display in the Current Assignments list view (colloquially known as the My Assignments tab on the home page). Not displayed by default so case handlers aren't unduly frightened. Enable it if you dare.

The I-129F (7/23/20) has been pushed out to sites with the immigration module.

Since 1981, these nice folks have been using education, legal advice clinics, brief services, and referrals to pro bono attorneys to help people. We're happy to have been part of that for 7 years this month. We'd be even happier if our low temp tonight was 67F/19C. Yes, Virginia, that's their low temp.