2022-02-16 Release Notes


All involved are excited about the nice folks at National Defense Center for Criminalized Survivors (formerly NCDBW) preparing to go live next week. There will be cake in the break room.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-02-17, then on live sites on 2022-02-25. ⏳

LS-81753: Initial implementation of a GET /users API endpoint (colloquially: "User Search"). Read all about it in the API changelog.

LS-82550: The Case Note List block gets a new configuration option: "Show Duration of Service Notes". If you guessed that checking the box would display the Time Spent (on notes created from a timeslip), you are well on your way to being a Certified LegalServer Wrangler.

LS-83481: You created a custom lookup list with values like 0, 1, 2, 3, and OMG, for your custom lookup field "How many months behind are you?". Then you checked the dropdown on a form and were surprised and confused because there was no 0 in the list. Oddly, if you changed 0 to 00 it would show up, but that just looks silly. This ticket brings your 0 values into the light of day.

LS-83980: Referral Hubbers will be pleased to see the "Is a Referral Hub org" field adorned with a red star of requiredness. The pleasure increases when you realize that submitting a form without choosing a value will give you a friendly reminder that it is required, instead of a confounding full page error.

LS-84528: Accessibility Initiative: Updated colors in external forms to have higher contrast.

LS-84529: Accessibility Initiative: Added hidden labels for better presentation for screen readers on both internal forms and external forms.

LS-84917: Removed the 256 character limit on the Adverse Party Business Name field. If you accept that as a challenge to discover the new limit, game on!

LS-85067: You are pulling Referring Org information into document templates using the eponymous subactor, but have pined for a "Full Address" field to map. Pine no more.

LS-85194: Having the Enhanced Charges block [citation needed] in a guided navigation dialogue could make the "Start Over" button ignore your clicks. It, the button, will again do its thing.

LS-85225: "Follow-up Profile" is now a required field when creating a Create process. If you've ever forgotten to select one, you've seen the dreaded "the process that created foo has no follow-up profile". Now you can't forget. Sorry, Virginia, this won't magically fix your previous instances of forgetfulness.

LS-85272: Sorting on the Office column of the GAR Self Inspection Tool's randomized case lists has been described as "odd". This ticket makes it non-odd.

LS-85370: Fixed an issue with the password reset link that would cause an error when a user was logged into a separate account when they clicked the reset link in the email for the other account. If this sounds like a corner case that won't happen unless an admin is testing, you're right.

LS-85433: The Activity Log list view decided to stop hiding "inactive Activity records" (meaning those Activity records where someone had edited and used the "Remove This Activity" link). Previous behavior restored.

LS-85444: Trying to email a note to a user and getting an errant "Not a valid email address" failure when your recipient's email address is "Dolores.O'Riordan@abclegal.org"? Failures no more. UTF-8 support FTW.

LS-85452: Invalid advanced grant filter expressions will no longer cause an error submitting a financial form (or more precisely, a form with the Financial Information block on it). Your grant filter expressions will still be invalid, but that's another story.

LS-85577: The Tasks list view that adorns most home pages has a Task Type filter. Letting you filter on only one type at a time was deemed insufficient. So now you can select multiple types. Happy filtering.

LS-85643: Changed the text on the GAR Self-Inspection report pages to exactly match LSC's verbiage, even where we disagreed with their grammatical choices.

These nice folks (and tenacious problem solvers) fight for young people every day. We're happy to have been part of that work for 13 years this month.