2022-02-23 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-02-24, then on live sites on 2022-03-04. ⏳

LS-37111: You have a shiny dynamic Contact profile. It's lovely and provides a joyful user experience, yet some of your users remember the days of static contact profiles and a handy "User Profile" link in the Actions menu. Helpful when you land on a contact who is also a user and need to jump to the user profile. Excitement awaits you in the Actions menu configuration of your dynamic contact profile.

LS-82551: The Case Note List block gains a new configuration option: "Show Timeslip Link". For case notes created from timeslips, a "View Timeslip" link will magically appear.

LS-82968: From the field: "Users love the Search Name function in the top gray bar of the list view 'My Assignments'. Can that same functionality be added to the list view 'Case/Matter - Cases'?" Why yes, Virginia, yes it can. For those who don't have list view names memorized, that's the "Cases" tab on the main Cases page on 99.4% of all sites.

LS-83210: The Search > Client/AP Organization popup (or "modal window" to be precise (the cool kids just say "modal")) does not contain a "Begins With" option. And yet, once you do such a search, lo and behold, there is "Begins With" on the search results page. This ticket adds it in the modal.

LS-83453: You've built a shiny and magnificent dynamic calendar event profile, but were saddened by the inability to add a "Release Appointment" link to the Actions menu. Joy is now possible.

LS-83825: The Online Intake Import API will now be more liberal in what it accepts for boolean fields. Send it true/false, 0/1, or t/f. It's got you covered.

LS-84472: Online intake and external forms with errors leave the unsuspecting members of the public (or recipients of the external form links) (or you if you are editing and testing said forms) on a white page of "Internal Server Error" sadness. The sadness will be replaced with a less sad page that allows reporting the error.

LS-85447: User Experience Initiative: Things that create PDFs, like the Email PDF of Profile block, can sometimes experience problems generating said PDFs. This ticket replaces the error page few can understand with a more human-friendly message about what happened.

LS-85565: Errant "null value in column "discovery_type" violates not-null constraint" errors will be no more.

LS-85627: Your dynamic Service/Phase profile is a thing to behold, but you don't want everyone beholding it. We've added the Permissions by user roles section that you know and love on other profile pages.

LS-85628: Contacts added via the Organization Client Contact block are now true contact records, meaning they show up on the Contact tab lists and in search results for contacts.

LS-85697: Age at Intake will now be stored on Family Members (if you enter a Date of Birth - we don't have a crystal ball). And yes, Virginia, your Case Data > All Household Members Associated with Case reports will display the data. We might also be backfilling this data. Waiting on an update from the backhoe operator.

LS-85793: If you have the Snapshot New block in Enabled Elements on a case profile, and another instance in Disabled Elements, we will now completely ignore the one in Disabled Elements so it doesn't interfere with your configuration changes in the enabled one.

LS-85888: Minor (but tasteful and helpful we hope) wording changes to the Add Case Note block's configuration options regarding adding time. No changes in how things work. No need to rush off and look at your forms.

These nice folks have been helping incarcerated and institutionalized people whose rights have been violated for over 40 years. We're happy to note they have been with LegalServer for 5 years this month. And yes, they can see three mighty rivers from the roof their office building.