2022-03-02 Release Notes


Exciting: Ohio State Legal Services Association prepares to begin onboarding.

Also: #SupportUkraine 🇺🇦

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-03-03, then on live sites on 2022-03-11. ⏳

LS-81854: API cognoscenti know that JSON payload errors go into a note on the matter when you do not appease the Online Intake Import API. Said notes will now include a Date Posted so they aren't always at the top of the case note list with the always sad "N/A".

LS-82552: The Case Note List block gets a new "Show Note Body as Expanded Initially" configuration option. Check that option if your folks would rather see all the text. And no, Virginia, there isn't a per user setting so Anne can have collapsed notes and Gilbert can have expanded ones. But there's nothing stopping you from having two tabs on your case profile.

LS-84515: The Send Email block now supports the placeholder "[url]" in the body of the email when used on a Service (phase) form. The placeholder will automagically expand to a link to the case/matter that had something done to a Service record.

LS-84530: Accessibility Initiative: External forms are rendering empty <h4> tags. Unacceptable. Said tags will now be rendered if, and only if, there is proper content therein.

LS-84970: You are using External Forms in the user module because you are awesome. But you feel constrained by having only Date of Birth available as the way for external form recipients to validate themselves. Constraint removed as you will now see "Bar Number" and "Work Zip/Postal Code" also available in the "Identity Verification Type" selector on your shiny external auxiliary processes.

LS-85036: Reduce not-null constraint errors by making fields that are constrained show themselves to humans as required.

LS-85048: The Online Intake Trigger API will now accept Legal Problem Category, Legal Problem Code, and Special Legal Problem Code. See the newly unified API Changelog.

LS-85450: external_unique_id. That will excite those of you using the Search Users API and POST/PATCH Users API end points. The rest of us will take your word for it. API Changelog.

LS-85456: Dropboxers trying to generate documents from templates could be greeted with a mostly-inscrutable error page if they lacked permission in Dropbox land. They will now see a human-friendly message: "Upload failed. Your user account does not have sufficient permissions. Please contact your Administrator."

LS-85457: For the mavens: This ticket adds a new HTTP Headers textarea field on the Guided Navigation API config.

LS-85642: Being a Guided Navigation maven, you've got the "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block in a segment. You've seen, and used, the nice "Edit Income Defaults", "Edit Expense Defaults", and "Edit Asset Defaults" buttons. Of course you have -- you're a maven. And yet ... and yet ... a deep sense of sorrow washed over you when you realized the choices you made via those buttons had disappeared into the ether. Certain joy awaits after this ticket embiggens your site.

LS-85749: Do not show online intake applicants reserved/filled appointment slots. Double-booking makes everyone sad.

LS-85800: The Email PDF of Profile block errors continue, but will be less frequent, and possibly gone forever, once this ticket does its thing.

LS-86130: In last week's episode of Release Notes, you read about us requiring a "Follow-up Profile" on dynamic create processes. Just slightly too much goodness. We needed an exception for Litigation create processes, but the person who wrote the ticket forgot that. They have been sacked. And Litigation create processes are now exempt from the new requirement.

For over 50 years, from mountain top to sea shore, these nice folks have been helping people. It's only been a year this month they've been with LegalServer, but we can't imagine a time when they weren't here.