2022-03-09 Release Notes


🎉 Everyone involved is giddy with anticipation as Public Counsel prepares to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-03-10, then on live sites on 2022-03-18. ⏳

LS-83685: Fixed the dates displayed by the "Last 12 Months" date filter preset in edit mode in reports. The filter is doing the expected thing, filtering for the 12 months before the current month, but the display would show something like "Currently: 03/09/2021 - 03/09/2022". Somewhat confusing if you had a record dated 03/02/2022 and wondered why it wasn't in the results. After this fix hits, the display will show "Currently: 03/01/2021 - 02/28/2022". The dates displayed in run mode are, and have always been, correct.

LS-84414: Sites using the Case Bundles module may notice that the Case Contact and Timekeeping Log list views on case profiles now have a default "Bundle = This Case Only" filter. In a similar vein, you may notice those same list views, when used on a bundle profile, have a default filter of "Bundle = This Bundle and All Case Records".

LS-85068: Of interest to sites in the US District of Columbia (colloquially: "DC") using the GIS module: The DC Ward boundary is being updated. Work funded by the nice folks at LegalAidDC. Other programs using GIS with this boundary should get them a pony or bake them a cake.

LS-85466: A phantom "Institutionalized Yes/No" field will no longer darken your forms if you are using the Mailing Address block configured as such and the "Check box below if your mailing address is different from your main address" is not checked.

LS-85637: Labels on boolean fields (colloquially: "Yes/No fields") will no longer appear in a larger font than other fields on registrant module external forms.

LS-85837: The Contact > Contact Notes - One Row per Note subtable in reports gets a proper "Note Type [Lookup]" subtable. Display human friendly note type names instead of ID numbers. Be a hero to your folks.

LS-86021: The Enhanced Charges block gets two new configuration options: 1) Delete Button Label, and 2) Add Charge Button Label. (Embossing label gun not included)

LS-86023: Boolean fields in the Enhanced Charges block are now displayed with "Yes/No/Please Select" options instead of just checkboxes.

LS-86089: Make Advanced Grant Filters play nicer with "special" fields like "Problem Code Category".

LS-86131: The Cases list on the main Cases page (technically: Case/Matter - Cases list view) sorts some things differently than the My Assignments home page analogue. The "Next Court Date", "Case Status", and "Case Status Note" columns on the main Cases list will now sort "N/A" values to the bottom of the list, like My Assignments on the home page does. If you need a new term to impress your family, friends, and dinner companions, this is an "Ascending NULLS Last sort".

LS-86336: The "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block will now warn an applicant, instead of giving them an error page, if they enter 0 for both the 18 and Over and Under 18 household size fields. All sites updated effective 2022-03-08.

LS-86379: Online intake applicants, and external form filler-outers, can be voluble when entering text into text fields like "What are you looking for help with?". Anything over 4,000 characters was causing an error. Limit removed. All sites updated effective 2022-03-08.

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