2022-03-16 Release Notes


🏁 Everyone is excited as Iowa Legal Aid prepares to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-03-17, then on live sites on 2022-03-25. ⏳

LS-82739: For those using contract attorney allocations and wanting to set the initial allocations from within a dynamic form (you know who you are), a Contract Attorney Initial Allocation block is now available.

LS-84137: Multilingualists will like more elements displayed by the Documents and Folders block being translatable.

LS-84416: Case Bundlistas will enjoy seeing the Litigations list view get the "Bundle = This Case Only" filter treatment.

LS-85287: Enhanced Reminders will not be sent on completed tasks. Seems reasonable.

LS-85588 and LS-85589: New API endpoints to Create, Edit, and Read records on the Charges Lookup table. Read all about it in the always enjoyable API Changelog.

LS-85845: You've embedded reports with the ballyhooed Report Part block, but have been mildly chagrined that clickable links look like 20-3456789 (black underlined text) instead of 20-3456789 (blue text, no underlining). If you like the blue, check the new "Use Default Hyperlink Style for Report Links" in said block. (NB: If you are tempted to email saying the blue I selected here isn't actually the same blue used within LegalServer, push back from your desk, go outside, and take a walk; it will do you good.)

LS-85967: You have an embedded report. It has a filter on a lookup field. All of the values in that lookup are inactive (you have your reasons, we're sure). If you try to open the filter for that field, you'll just see "Loading options" and an animated spinner icon, instead of the usual filter options. This ticket will make the filter options display, including the "Show Inactive" checkbox. Which is important if you have this situation.

LS-86047: Case Bundliers may notice the default "Bundle = This Case Only" filter that appears on various lists on a case now has the "X" to temporarily remove that filter. Nice. Bundle filter options also change to "This Case" and "This Case and Bundle Only".

LS-86375: The "Restrict Search Results to User's Office" setting was being too restrictive. It will now show results for cases assigned to the searcher's office as expected. If you are curious, it's on the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, on the Search tab, down near the bottom of the page in the People Search Results section.

LS-86380: Reduce, or maybe completely stop, online intakes from throwing "Type of income is required" errors. Not human-friendly warnings that something is required, but an error page.

LS-86418: Sadness awaited some of you when you headed over to the Admin > Site Settings page and set "Multi-Factor Auth Enable" to "Yes". You did not see the expected list of Roles or the Mechanism(s) selector. This ticket removes the sadness. A follow up ticket will expand the necessary system resources so the label can have the whole word "Authentication" in it.

LS-86445: The "both" restriction of Restricting Access to Cases based on office or program was applying intake office/program restrictions even after an incomplete intake had graduated to a pending, open, or closed case. This ticket rectifies that.

LS-86466: Emailed "New Assignment" notes stopped displaying the helpful "Note emailed to: " bit in the corresponding case note. The emails were sent, no problem there, but you didn't have the obvious proof that you emailed whoever. This ticket will put it back.

LS-86606: Make a "Lead Case" column available for display in the Current Assignments list view (colloquially: the My Assignments list on the home page). No, Virginia, there's not a fancy filter to show only Lead cases and their member cases or similar. Baby steps.

If you are ever in their neighborhood, do yourself a favor and stop by to say Hi! to these very nice folks, who have been breaking through legal barriers to achieve improved health and wellness outcomes for their clients since 1986. We're happy to have been part of that for 14 years this month. If you want to support their work, go buy yourself or a friend a FIERCE sweatshirt.