2022-03-23 Release Notes


You read about the 500th site going live. The 501st went live today. We'd set up a pool on when the 1,000th will go live, but that might be considered illegal gambling in some of the states or countries we cover.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-03-24, then on live sites on 2022-04-01 (could be interesting). ⏳

LS-71936: The venerable Report Part block gets two new configuration options: "Display Column Totals" and "Display Bottom Column Labels". Each does what it says on the tin. Time to look at each embedded report on your site and ponder if those elements spark joy. Discard them if they don't.

LS-84415, LS-84418, LS-84419: Case Bundalistas will be pleased to see the Upcoming Events, Adverse Parties, and Family Members list views on cases get the "Bundle = This Case Only" default filter treatment.

LS-84560: Added support for dates in the Logic Evaluatór. Very nice. Concrete example: A guided navigation dialogue that routes based on Date Closed being between two dates, or not, will do what Nicole and Susan hoped and dreamed it would. Others are sure to enjoy it as well.

LS-85049: There is a new "Online Intake Transfer and Redirect to Transfer Profile" block. Instead of just doing the transfer, it sends you to the destination site, wherein you will be prompted to login, and then show the pending case transfer profile for the just completed online intake.

LS-85585, LS-85586: The Charge API endpoint gets GET, PATCH, and POST methods. API Mavens are already clicking over to the API Docs Changelog, which they have bookmarked and/or memorized, for all the details. Even if the Charge API doesn't excite you, all API types should visit the changelog today.

LS-85711: "Users are people!" declares The Language Maven of Minnesota. Sentient APIs might disagree, and be offended, but the label now reads "Deactivate users who have not signed in for at least 1 year" instead of "users which".

LS-85833: If the Referral Hub tab disappeared from the navigation bar on your site, this ticket will correct that. Or at least let you put it back.

LS-86045: HUDdites will be pleased to see the HUD Median API block reach beta testing status.

LS-86524: The Enhanced Charges block gets two touch-ups: 1) Styling on the Original Top Charge and Note fields is consistent with the rest of the block, and 2) If you set Original Top Charge to "Please Select", it will display that instead of just being blank.

LS-86636: An intake consisting of one form with only a Guided Navigation dialogue runner on the form could cause an error in some circumstances. This ticket reduces those circumstances; to none, we hope.

LS-86640: You like your grant records to be bountiful and full of information? You may be pleased to see the Funding Code Contact Type for grant contacts will now do what you hoped and dreamed it would.

LS-86701: Chrome and Safari users will be pleased to see the Case Log list view doing a better job of handling notes with absurdly long text strings. Instead of an absurdly wide list, you'll see the same sane list your Firefox friends have been enjoying all along.

LS-87088: A "Notes" column is now available to display on the "Task List (Matter)" list view (a/k/a Task list on cases).

For over 50 years these nice folks have been working to establish a legal system that provides justice and fairness for women. We're happy to have been a part of that for 2 years this month. We should have cake crab cakes.