2022-04-13 Release Notes


📣 They couldn't contain their excitement, so the nice folks at PhillyDAO Special Investigations Unit went live on Monday.

📣 The nice folks at Harris County Office of Managed Assigned Counsel are just as excited to go live this coming Monday.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-04-14, then on live sites on 2022-04-22

LS-85844: Increased the row padding on embedded reports from 2px to 4px. Extensive user testing produced comments such as "Beautiful!", "Definitely easier on the eyes", "More readable", and "When are you going to get a dark mode?".

LS-86482: Using Enhanced Reminders and filling Appointment Slots? If so, you'll be pleased to see the reminder pulling in the client name, and email and phone if they exist, during the slot filling process.

LS-86701: You may recall a previous release note about fixing the could-be-way-too-wide Case Log list view display for people not using Firefox. That fix had to be undone. Now we're back, and Chrome and Safari users will see a better display in that list.

LS-87314: People entering detailed income information in an online intake can be creative in how they enter things. This ticket makes at least one of those ways now produce a friendly warning instead of an error page.

LS-87386: The Activities block is wonderful. But the built-in, always-displayed "Continue" button cramped the style of dynamic form configuration artists. Fully realize your artistic vision via the new "Show Submit Button" configuration option that lets you turn it off.

LS-87522: Say a friendly welcome to the new "New Timeslip" block. Designed to be used on any of your shiny case/matter intake or auxiliary forms. It will, as the name suggests, create a timeslip. Note well the flexibility. Yes, Virginia, you could use this block to create an outreach timeslip or an "other" timeslip not linked to a case or outreach.

LS-87580: Put a nice note on the "Edit Fields" page of a document template if the template is a fillable PDF and template type is set to "Old Style Template".

LS-87670: Guided Navigation in your online intake is great, but a bit hefty to load. People filling out an online intake with a slow connection could get a submit button (colloquially: "Continue") before the GN dialogue fully loaded. Sadness ensued if they clicked the submit button too early. This ticket adds a loading spinner that will prevent the submit button from appearing until your shiny GN dialogue has fully loaded.

LS-87821: Got multiple languages? Want to translate Voca Crime lookup values? Enjoy.

LS-87824: Demo sites receiving electronic case transfers that have the "Transfer Notes" feature enabled were requiring said Note, which was not good. Fixed before it hit live sites. Thanks to Raj in NJ for timely reporting from his demo site.

LS-87944: Cases with really huge Warrant Numbers would not display. Hugeness meter adjusted for all sites on 2022-04-08 at 13:50 UTC.

LS-87945: Changing the current Level of Service on a case started insisting on an End Date being entered. Rarely wanted in that context, so fixed for all sites on 2022-04-08 at 14:17 UTC.

LS-87958: The Immigration Status block decided to start requiring a selection in the Supporting Documentation field even when not configured as such. Fixed for all sites on 2022-04-08 at 16:22 UTC.

LS-87987: The Related Case field on a dynamic Charge form started being unexpectedly required. Expectations reset to normal for all sites on 2022-04-08 at 20:43 UTC.

LS-87978: The School History block started errantly requiring Services Received, even if it was not configured to do so. Block adjusted to honor the configuration for all sites on 2022-4-08 at 17:38 UTC.

LS-88105: Multiple MLP fields decided they wanted to be required, even if not configured to be so, and wouldn't let you unrequire them. You will arise on Thursday morning to see this fixed.

Updated versions of the I-102, I-817, and I-918 immigration forms are wending their way out to sites.

These nice folks have been balancing the scales of justice for low-income people and communities for 58 years. We hope April brings an explosion of Bird's Foot Violets and a celebration of one year with LegalServer.