2022-04-20 Release Notes


Monday will be a day to remember as these nice folks get shiny new live sites:

πŸ“£ Delaware County Office of the Public Defender

πŸ“£ Harris County Public Defender's Office

πŸ“£ Oklahoma Indian Legal Services

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-04-21, then on live sites on 2022-04-29 ⏳

LS-79632: Remove the "Current Process User and Recipients" option from the Send Email block. That option was undesirably and unexpectedly also emailing the client on a case if there was an email for them.

LS-85605: API mavens will be excited by Services API GET endpoints for matters. All is explained in the excellent API Change Log.

LS-86175: There is a "Begins With" setting on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. Previously a simple Yes/No selector that let you turn on, or off, the "Begins With" checkboxes in Search > People and Search > Clients modals (colloquially: popup windows). Now, "Yes" will display a plethora of options to default "Begins With" to checked for some of the fields.

LS-87183: The Day and Week view of the calendar would sometimes not display events if you are too close to the International Date Line.

LS-87892: There is a new "Government Generated ID #" block available in the case/matter and person modules. It (the block) initially displays a text box and +/- buttons to let you add and remove multiple IDs. NB: It is a text box that will accept letters, numbers, emojis, and any combination thereof.

LS-87921: Multi-select fields offer some toggler styles that don't work or cause a scary red warning on your shiny forms. This ticket stops the erstwhile offerings.

LS-87983: Case Credit Subtype started being required in an undesirable way. Fixed on all sites on 2022-04-14 at 20:10 UTC.

LS-88281: Make the "New Timeslip" block mentioned in the 2022-04-13 edition of the release notes available for all sites, not just those with the Super Deluxe Contractor Module of Wonderment.

These nice folks have been fighting for justice alongside the most exploited communities in our society for 57 years. We're happy to have been part of that mission for the last 15 years.