2022-04-27 Release Notes


National Training commences and continues through Friday.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-04-28, then on live sites on 2022-05-06

LS-86176: Search > Cause Number (if you have it enabled) now includes a "Begins With" checkbox.

LS-87579: The Case Data > Activity (Latest) subtable will now ignore inactive activity records in its quest to show you relevant, actionable information.

LS-88147: Quick Case Copy will now copy a 0 (zero) in a field instead of skipping it. Say, for example, Number of People Under 18 is 0 on a case. You want that 0 (lovingly, and possibly accurately, entered by some human) to copy, not end up blank on the case copied quickly.

LS-88149: The "Completed By" column on a task report will now display the correct user name (instead of the name of a random character from the Star Trek television series, or the Created By user). NB: If you have this column on an existing report, you'll need to delete it and re-add it after this fix lands to get the correctness.

LS-88209: The "Timekeeping - Matters" list view powers the list on the main Timekeeping page commonly labeled "My Open Cases". It's great, but only shows you open cases where you are the primary assignment. And it doesn't let administrators change that default filter to include other types of assignments. Check the "Custom Default Filters" in the list view configuration after this fix hits and be amazed and thrilled. Bonus: If you default the list to multiple assignment types so an ellipsis is inserted (viz.: "User Assignment ... r, Primary"), put your cursor over that filter and bask in the hover tip. Yes, Virginia, we're going to make you try it to see it.

LS-88223: The Online Financial Information - Detailed block now stores a value for Income Eligible, and if you collect assets with it, a value for Asset Eligible.

LS-88284: Four digit FIPS codes make the HUD Median Income API so sad it would return "No data found for the entityid" instead of something useful. This ticket adds a leading 0 to four digit FIPS codes to placate the HUD API.

These nice folks encourage their students to use their legal skills serving those who are disadvantaged. Which pairs nicely with the LegalServer mission. We hope the last year with LegalServer has helped spur them on. (We imagine students graduating, going to work in the legal aid community, and being excited to see their new employer uses LegalServer.)