2022-05-04 Release Notes


We're excited to have all these nice folks starting onboarding:

πŸ—οΈ Bonneville County Public Defender

πŸ—οΈ Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice

πŸ—οΈ Mental Health Advocates of WNY

This week's geography quiz: How many counties in Idaho start with the letter "B"?

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-05-05, then on live sites on 2022-05-13 ⏳

LS-73544: Short version: Sentence records are now tied to charge records, not charge names. Longer version: When adding or editing a Sentence record on a case, the Charges field will now list every charge on a case (along with the Charge Date) instead of the current display where two or more charges with the same name are only shown once. Deleting a charge will remove it from a sentence record, or if it is the only charge on that sentence record, delete the sentence record.

LS-73545: Long Charge names will no longer be cut off in the Sentences block [insert link to help page here].

LS-73549: Long Charge names will no longer be cut off in the Custodial Status block.

(This concludes This Week in Charges)

LS-83199: The Support Request "page" is now a cleaner modal window (colloquially: pop up window). Includes a fresh pine scent on supported devices.

LS-85596: The "Previous Fiscal Year" date preset in reports will now display the correct date range in Edit mode. Run mode was not affected, and the results in Edit mode were for the correct date range, just the display was off. We've also restored the "Current Fiscal Year" date preset ("restored" instead of "added" because Val says it was definitely there before but disappeared, and who are we to argue with Val).

LS-85753: There is a new "API Log Access" user role permission. Read all about it in the always enjoyable, always informative, API Changelog.

LS-86550: The "FIPS State and County Code" attribute of County lookup values will now accept and display leading zeros, like "06001". No more errant and unsatisfiable validation warnings.

LS-86954: Electronic case transfers will now include the "how_referred" and "attorney_hired" fields. You may know them as "How did applicant here about us" and "Is another attorney helping applicant" (or whatever you or one of your friends has changed the short names to).

LS-87693: Savvy site admins may know about Actions menu > Find Forms Configured with Field when looking at a field profile page. Sometimes useful, but no fun if an error ensues. Fewer errors, possibly none, is the order of the day.

LS-87893: If the new "Government Generated ID" field mentioned in a previous edition of RN excited you, you may be further excited by seeing that you can include it as a searchable field in Search > People. Enable that on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page.

LS-88421: Only applies to sites using SMS on two different sites (only seen, for example, on an online site and a primary site). SMS processing for a case on a primary site could result in SMS case notes also being added to a case with a matching phone number on the online intake site. This ticket stops that from happening.

LS-88462: Outcomes V2 Subcategories will now display in all their dropdown glory as soon as you pick an outcome that you've configured with subcategories. No more need for the obscure "click 'Show All Values'" workaround.

LS-88556: Are you very close to the International Date Line? Have you added some Deadlines and wonder why they appear on the calendar Month view, but not Day or Week? We understand your confusion. This ticket deconfuses the situation.

LS-88768: The ID endpoint parameter in a POST is now declared read_only. Everyone is sad if your POST becomes a PATCH, intentionally or otherwise. See API Changelog link above.

LS-88781: API mavens who have longed to retrieve a county value using its UUID have blue skies ahead. (You already have the API Changelog open in another tab, right?)

May anniversaries start with these nice folks, who, among many other accomplishments, welcomed over 900 Afghan refugees last year and helped them navigate the immigration system. We hope the last 2 years with LegalServer have helped with that and all the other work they do.