2022-05-11 Release Notes


Jewish Family Service of Seattle is excited to be live. 🏁

Excited to go live on Monday are:


🏁 Public Interest Law Center

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-05-12, then on live sites on 2022-05-20. ⏳

⭐ LS-54586: Many have pined for the Generic Lookup Selector block to allow the default to be "Please Select" (instead of the first allowed value, which people tend to ignore and then that value gets saved). Pine no more.

LS-73540: The Single Charge block will now display charges in the format "Charge Date - Statute Number Charge Name".

LS-84026: The Case Status block gets a new "Default Case Status" selector in its configuration. Default the case status on a form, and get a row written to the case status history (unlike the bare field element). What's not to like?

LS-84406: PDs and other event-driven organizations will enjoy the initial version of the new Case Data > Most Recent Calendar Event subtable in reports. Human-friendly options for Office, Program, Court, etc. will follow, but for now you can get some basic information like the title and date and time of said most recent event.

LS-84178: Report writers editing columns over near the right edge of the screen know the annoyance of having the column properties modal (colloquially: pop up window) being mostly off screen to the right. Horizontal scrolling needed, and that's seldom fun. After this change lands, try that, and enjoy seeing the modal open to the left in all its glory.

LS:85561: API mavens will be excited to read all about the new Income endpoint in the API Changelog.

LS-87492: The In-Place Client Search block gets two new options: "Show Phone #" and "Require Phone #".

LS-87931: Another report delight, as a new Case Data > Most Recent Custodial Status subtable appears.

LS-87961: Accessibility Initiative: Screen Readers will now announce "List of search options" when the (often red) Search menu is selected.

LS-88132: Electronic case transfers will now transfer Sentence and Charge information into notes on the recipient case. Multiple sentences will be concatenated in one note, multiple charges into another note. Custodial Status records are also now transfered.

LS-88582: Even more report excitement with the new Case Data > Person Government ID, and Case Data > Person > Person Government ID, subtables.

LS-88585: The Level of Service block will now play nice on a form using a Submit (Configurable) block set to save and stay on the same page. "Play nice" is defined as showing a friendly "Level of Service is required" message instead of a full page error if the hapless user forgets to pick a Level of Service. Re-evaluating whether having Level of Service interspersed on a form with 42 other things is left to your tender mercies.

LS-88596: The Case Log list view will no longer go into pink frozen mode if text in one of the list items contains unexpected characters. (Colloquially: UTF-8 compliance is A Good Thing)

LS-88643: Sites searching on Cause Number may find the new "Default value for cause number "Begins with" checkbox in Client search" an interesting option. Find it on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page amongst the bountiful list of search options.

LS-88772: The report Attribute "List Separator (for multiple values in a cell)" will no longer break filters if changed from the default "," (that's a comma).

LS-88778: If you have the Address block behind a Branch Logic Toggle Button, someone who enters an invalid zip code, then hides the address, will no longer get an "Invalid Zip Code" error. (Colloquially: Ignore hidden address elements.)

LS-88834: If a site is too busy to respond to a Report API request, we will now return a human-friendly message explaining that "503 Service Unavailable" is temporary. One less thing for you to google. Yes, Virginia, we know you have the HTTP error codes memorized, but not all of us do.

LS-88877: Report writers working in Edit Mode enjoy seeing "(Inactive)" appended to inactive lookup values in filters. Report runners will now enjoy the same information in Run Mode.

LS-88922: "What is going to happen?"; "Something wonderful."; "I'm afraid."; "Don't be. We'll be together."; "Where will we be?"; "Where I am now."

LS-88973: Sites with Case Bundles enabled will find that list view configuration options related to bundles are more robust and now have a refreshing citrus aroma.

LS-89046: In some older configurations of assets, the weekly update caused "No Assets" and "None" values to stop setting "Asset Eligible" to Yes. We pushed out a fix to all sites effective 2022-05-06 at 18:14 UTC.

LS-89155: Make the Address block's "Require County" option do what you'd think it would do. We pushed out a fix to all sites effective 2022-05-11 at 17:01 UTC.

These nice folks have been organizing and advocating to prevent and end homelessness for 42 years. We're excited to have been part of that mission for 5 years this month.