2022-05-18 Release Notes


Exciting: Clark County Indigent Defense prepares to go live next week. 🏁

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-05-19, then on live sites on 2022-05-27. ⏳

LS-71274: Referral Hubbers will be excited, or at least relieved, to see they can now translate the phrases "Alternative Organizations" and "Refer Me To".

LS-73537: The Custodial Status block will now display "Related Charge(s)" in a friendly, concatenated style "[charge date] - [charge]".

LS-84356: Want to add tasks to your Project records? Here you go. Add the "Project Tasks" list view to your shiny project profile page. Observe the "+" button in the list's filter bar. Click the button. Bask in the glow of a task create form.

LS-84626: Sites using Service records will likely enjoy seeing the new Case Data > Most Recent Service subtable appear in reports. NB: Not to be confused with Case Data > Matter Last Service (which is from the days when "Service" meant a timeslip).

LS-88247: API mavens are sure to enjoy seeing a_number and visa_number added to the Search Matters API. Read all about it in the always pleasant API Changelog.

LS-88494: If you have a calendar event reminder set to send email reminders and text (SMS) reminders, the email reminder will only be sent once, even if your SMS provider returns an error when we try to send the text. Extra bonus: You will get an email telling you about the SMS failure.

LS-88560: The Branch Logic block will now honor the settings combination of "Default Value = Please Select" and "Override Existing Value with Default". For those times when you want to "reset" the branch logic toggle field, or if you just want that San Juan feeling.

LS-88849: The Current Assignments list view that powers many "My Assignments" tabs on home pages, gets a new Programs filter. While there, we got rid of the errant extra Case Status filter. One seemed sufficient.

LS-88957: Deleting a calendar event will no longer end in the sadness of an error page if someone had entered a note on that event and used the Message option to let others know of said note on said event.

LS-89011: Copying a case note will now include any "Note emailed to" information.

LS-89060: The Snapshot Top block was not always displaying the most recent Case Status. Now it will.

LS-89351: Made the SMS (colloquially: texting) processing code smarter, so that SMS messages sent and received on a case received from your online intake site do not also inadvertently end up on the online intake site case.

Immigration forms I-864 (2021-12-08), I-914 Supp A (2021-12-02) are wending their way out to sites with that module.

Over the last 55 years, these nice folks have built a pool of 2,100+ volunteer lawyers from more than 990 firms, organizations, and companies. Trusted by judges in the Chancery, Probate, and Domestic Relations courts when they need to appoint a guardian ad litem or counsel. Admired by all. We're excited to have been a part of that for 11 years this month. Now If only they could also do something about the weather, we'd visit more often.