2022-05-25 Release Notes


Steve is on vacation.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-05-26, then on live sites on 2022-06-03. ⏳

LS-79197: MFA (multi-factor authentication) (colloquially: that security thing when I login) by Email will now work on demo sites for users who are not Administrators. Also known as, we've lifted the restriction against emails being sent to non-admins from demo sites, but only for emails sending an MFA code.

LS-82070: API Core requests were not properly parsing JSON parameters when the Content-Type was application/json and the data type was JSON. High level of confidence that they will now.

LS-83766: If you click an "Add Family Member (Show)" button, don't enter anything, then click a Continue button, what would you prefer to happen? (a) An error page and a family member named "Person ID" added to the case, or (b) A warning that "Last name is required". If your preference is (a), you will be sad after this change takes effect.

LS-84191: API Mavens PATCHing or POSTing to a matter's disposition will be happy to see their data manipulation efforts reflected in the matter's Disposition Log. Read all about it in the always enjoyable API Changelog.

LS-85606: API Mavens will be chomping at the bit to point their code at the new POST and PATCH Service endpoints.

LS-85607: And excited to do the same with the new GET Service by UUID endpoint.

LS-86118: Attempt to make password reset emails work for organizations that have aggressive email link scanners.

LS-86936: The Applicant Name (Prescreen) block gets a new search option: Client Finder. For when you want your prescreen to only search for clients, not all people records, or not a conflict search. Super extra bonus: The label displayed next to the name fields now adjusts to indicate the type of search, instead of always displaying "Conflict Search". Informed users are happy users.

LS-86939: If you enjoyed the note just above this one, you may enjoy seeing the same thing happening to the Person Module's Person Name block.

LS-87584: Guided Navigation: Using the same field or block more than once on a segment is allowed again, but will now display a warning that if it is displayed twice due to expression settings the resulting behavior is undefined.

LS-87962: Accessibility Initiative: Make Tab Blocks even more accessible to screen readers.

LS-88794: The Enhanced Charges block's "Delete Charge" and "Duplicate Charge" buttons will only appear when it makes sense for them to appear. For a more streamlined and joyful experience.

LS-89009: Emails sent to a case that were also sent to someone with an accented character in their name will no longer fail to process, but the accent mark will be stripped out. Lo lamentamos.

LS-89246: "Something wonderful." Replace associate radio buttons with Link Records checkboxes when Human Search is enabled.

LS-89330: Entering timeslips on a slow or laggy connection? Work at an organization with bountiful grants and grant filters? Frustrated when you can pick a funding code before the page finishes loading and your choice gets reset when it finishes? We hope you will experience great joy once this change hits sites.

LS-89386: Got millions of event attendees? Like the "All Attendees" column in your calendar reports? The new Calendar Events > Event Attendees (Faster) field you're sure to like.

LS-89369: The Referring Organizations field could cause an error adding or removing organizations in some configurations. This ticket stops that.

LS-89466: You will now be warned if your Enhanced Reminder message is too long to be sent via SMS. Ignore the warning at your peril. Or crank down the verbosity below 11.

LS-89509: Users assigned to a role without the "Show Search Link" permission couldn't interact with Actions menus or the Timer after a change to allow screen readers to announce the Search menu landed. Fix pushed out to all sites on 2022-05-20 at 14:00 UTC.

LS-89603: For sites using GIS, users sometimes were scared and confused if Address Validation failed and they saw "Problem: Zip Code or City and State are required." We hope "Problem: Zip Code or City and State are needed for validation. Validation is not required." is less distressing.

Created to fill the void left by the 80's budget cuts to LSC funding, these nice folks have ever since been expanding the role of the private bar in providing help to those in need, and operating Legal Help Link to get First Staters to where they can get help. We're excited to have been part of this for 6 years this month. And we hope they can squeeze in time for the Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival this weekend.