2022-06-01 Release Notes


Many nice folks to welcome as they start onboarding:

πŸš€ 17th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Corporation (see: Mon County)

πŸš€ Assigned Counsel Program of Erie County

πŸš€ Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

πŸš€ Legal Wellness Institute at The Family Center

πŸš€ LOTUS Legal Clinic

πŸš€ Middle Georgia Justice

πŸš€ SWLA Law Center

And much excitement as these nice folks go live next week:

🏁 National Homelessness Law Center

🏁 Micronesian Legal Services

🏁 Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-06-02, then on live sites on 2022-06-10. ⏳

LS-86846: Got Case Titles? Need to edit a bunch of them? Feel your life force drain at the thought of individually editing dozens or hundreds of cases? If only there was a Bulk Edit Case Title feature.

LS-86888: Add three columns and filters to the Mass Assignment Update list. Viz.: Cause Number, Assigned Program, and County of Dispute.

LS-86889: Add three columns and filters to the Mass Calendar Update list. To wit: Cause Number, Assigned Program, and County of Dispute.

LS-87965: Accessibility Initiative: Make the tabs on the main Calendar page friendlier to screen readers.

LS-88092: Caseworker, Advocate, Staff, Client Wrangler. What's in a name? The Create Assignment block gets a new "Caseworker Form Label" configuration option. Guess what it lets you change. While poking around in there, we decided to offer "Intake Office" as an option in the "Default Office" configuration dropdown, because on some sites, those offices are always the same.

LS-88273: Frugal API mavens will be pleased to see the Search Matter and Get Matter API endpoints moved out of the Premium API tier into the free tier. Read all about it in the always enjoyable API Changelog.

LS-88512: You've setup profile views for cases. You've read "How the Profile View is Determined". But, in some situations, scratched your head when the profile view you expected is not being used. We see what you mean. And fixed it in this ticket.

LS-88793: If you add the Enhanced Charges block to a form, and do nothing with the configuration options, it will now work on the front end to allow charges to be entered. But really, check out the options. There's good stuff in there.

LS-88970: Charges can be really long pieces of text. Really long. Displaying them nicely in different viewport sizes (colloquially: phone, tablet, and desktop screens) is challenging. Challenge met as charges displayed by the Custodial Status block and Sentencing Information block [citation needed] get a shiny new dropdown treatment.

LS-89262: Immigration Status lookup values unexpectedly started requiring you to pick one or more Supporting Documentation values. If your site doesn't use Supporting Documentation values this proved irksome. This ticket removes the requiredness.

LS-89432: The Online Financial Information - Detailed block displays a nice little "Monthly Income: $0.00" footer. Wouldn't it be grand if that "$0.00" dynamically updated as income is added. It would, and will be.

LS-89465: Search menu > Clients (if enabled on your site) will again only return client results; not adverse parties, not family members, not etc.

LS-89491 and LS-89778: Internal plumbing changes (colloquially: tuned the flux capacitor) mainly focused on reports that should make for sprightlier overall performance.

LS-89638: More polishing for the Case Log list view to make sure it can display even the wackiest special characters someone can put in the notes.

LS-89700: The Admin > Offices list now displays a Phone column. And the phone number for each office if you have entered such.

LS-89739: Trying to start an intake on a pending electronic case transfer could result in the sadness of an error page about custodial status, at least in parts of Texas. Fix applied (everywhere) on 2022-05-26 at 19:17 UTC.

LS-89746: In rare cases the Funding Code field at the end of an intake could be unexpectedly not selectable. Move that from rare to never.

LS-89820: Calling the County Lookup API endpoint? Wanting to search on county_state? Unhappy with the 500 return code? Try again (after this ticket lands).

What started as a group of students facilitating community-based organizations has grown into these nice folks helping marginalized people for over 50 years with housing, income security, workers’ rights, mental health, and human rights issues. We're happy to have been part of that for 2 years this month (and some of us look longingly at their mild 20F high temp today (that's 68F, Virginia)).