2022-06-08 Release Notes


Much excitement as these nice folks prepare to go live next week:

🏁 Community Legal Services

🏁 The Waterfront Project

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-06-09, then on live sites on 2022-06-17. ⏳

LS-60413: If enabled, your kids can add notes to incoming pending case transfers before starting an intake. Sadly, those notes were ephemeral. Lost to the ether once someone started an intake. No more. Yes, Virginia, these notes will now be copied to a case note if they start an intake.

LS-82348: Using a filter based on an Office field in an embedded report no longer requires a user role permission to avoid the unsatisfying "Value loading failed" message.

πŸ¦„ LS-85437: Accessibility Initiative: Use the browser's native date picker instead of the little calendar icon to the right of the date field. This makes it easier for people who can't see to enter dates. You may want to warn your folks that the icon is going away, but clicking in the date field will still popup a calendar.

LS-89418: The In-Place Client Search block gets a new "Show Guvment Generated ID#" configuration option.

LS-89231: SharePoint authorization could be an endless loop of sadness with some of the special "file upload" blocks like "Attestation on File". This ticket de-loops things.

LS-89637: The Set Final Goal Status block had an annoying habit of throwing an error if any of the underlying outcomes were missing a date. We'll just let the missing date default to the current date so people can close their cases.

LS-89705: The "View dialogue summaries" link displays a lovely summary of Guided Navigation dialogues on a case. At least on open cases. This ticket lets your Actions menu link show up on closed and rejected cases as well.

LS-89710: Recipients boxes (for example when emailing a case note) will no longer complain about an apostrophe in an email address before the @ sign. Example (but not a real email address): o'malley@goirish.ie.

LS-89718: API mavens: To allow Searches to work with Zapier, we're going to handle null values in URL parameters better. Read all about it in the always-worth-a-read API Changelog.

LS-89726: Got the Generic Lookup Selector block on the first page of an intake for the Intake Program field? Frustrated that it isn't doing what you expect? Your frustration level will lower after this fix lands.

LS-89844: You've got the Online Financial Information - Detailed block in your Guided Navigation segment of magnificence. You're configuring the block to a finely tuned work of art. Then you click the "Edit Income Source Defaults" button and, egad, not all of the income types are there. Head back to your segment after this fix lands and bask in the full list.

LS-90233: Add "MFA Enabled" and "MFA Mechanism" as available columns and filters in the Users list view that adorns all sane dynamic User section fronts.

For over a century, these nice folks have been providing free legal services for people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Information, advice clinics, full representation, community engagement. Is there anything they don't do? We're excited to have been part of that for 4 years this month. With highs in the low 70s and lows in the lower 60s, it really is cooler by the lake.