2022-06-15 Release Notes


🏁 Excitement is building as the nice folks at Metropolitan Public Defender prepare to go live next week.

Our Community Empowerment Team has met with over 60 LegalServer client organizations in the last year to discuss their implementations, offer configuration advice, and tell them about the latest tools and upgrades. Intrigued? Went live before 2020? If so, and you'd like to schedule a conversation, please email Chris (cschwartz@legalserver.org) or Eric (emittelstadt@legalserver.org).

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-06-16, then on live sites on 2022-06-24. ⏳

LS-87845: API mavens note: API responses for office fields now output the office name, office code, and the concatenated value. Slice and dice on your end as desired.

LS-88948: Some Office values could cause heartburn (colloquially: error pages) when processing intakes created in Offline mode. You can put away the antacid tablets after this fix lands.

LS-89017: The Report Part block will now display a "Restrict to User" option when it is on a user profile page. Embedded reports (based on the System Users top level table) specific to the user record being viewed? Oh my, sure sounds like it.

LS-89206: Reduce the number of errors when using "Add Column" to add custom fields from your Report Library to a report. We're hoping for a reduction to 0 errors. We have no doubts that you will let us know if that goal is not achieved.

LS-89271: Allow API mavens to send an organization (to an endpoint that allows it) as an id, an id in json, or a uuid in json. Viz., court_id: 100, court_id: {"id": "100"}, or court_id: {"uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"}. (If you are about to write an email declaring that it is "JSON not json" and/or "UUID not uuid" ... push your chair back and try a nice WALK, preferably outdoors. We'll all be better for it.)

LS-89395: Guided Navigation was refusing to save County of Dispute no matter how hard and in what manner you tried. Even yelling at it in your childhood Boston accent didn't work. Wicked bad. Wicked better after this fix hits.

LS-89435: The ability to see the main Contacts and Outreach pages got unintentionally tangled up in permissions to view the Search links for those records. Liberal doses of a detangling shampoo used to clear up the situation.

LS-89492: Clinic records get two new fields: Clinic Type and Clinic Service(s) (a multi-select). They are also available on clinic event records as read only fields which will pull from the event's parent clinic record.

LS-89561: Some beautification of the case notes created when a case received via electronic case transfer has Sentence, Charge, or Custodial Status information. And transfer even more Custodial Status information, like status end date.

LS-89576: List of Linked Records Looks Lovely (for Humans). (Sorry, Virginia, this is a teaser. The Preview is not yet in a theater near you.)

LS-89732: Got Case Bundles? Got complaints about case notes showing bundle notes by default? You are sure to enjoy the Case Note List block's new configuration option: Default value for Exclude Bundle Notes Filter.

LS-90170: If an online applicant puts many millions of dollars in an Additional Assistance amount, show them a friendly message instead of a rude error page.

LS-90171: An embedded report on a case with the top level filter state set to OR instead of AND does not produce the results you expect or want. Instead of displaying confusing report results, we will now display a nice message on the form or profile wherein you have embedded the errantly configured report explaining what's up.

LS-90241: InCert is not showing Frequency and Amount for income and expenses, nor Amount for assets, when "rolled up" (colloquially: collapsed into a single summary line in your viewport (colloquially: screen)) to the satisfaction of the mavens. Mavens appeased.

LS-90338: Make Programs an available column and filter in the Outreaches list view that powers many "All Outreaches" tabs on the eponymous section front. Note/Reminder: If you want to display this column, your Outreach section front is likely dynamic, but is still missing an Admin menu with the handy Edit Profile link (sad unicorn emoji). You'll need to go the long way round (Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles, then select Module: Home/Section Front) to get at the configuration.

Since 1964, these nice folks have provided help to those who need it most and can afford it least. Says it all. We've only been a part of that for a year this month, but look forward to many more, and hope they've had time to reflect on that year and feel it celebration worthy. Recently reaching the century mark on the thermometer (100F / 38C) is probably not something they are celebrating.