2022-06-22 Release Notes


🏁 Excitement levels are high as The Justice Center at Albany Law School prepares to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-06-23, then on live sites on 2022-07-01. ⏳

LS-81563: MLP aficionados will be excited to see that the MLP Medical Institution block now displays Medical Department as "N/A" instead of the first (or only) department associated with the organization.

LS-84355: The Projects list view that powers your Projects section front can now be filtered by "Assigned User(s)". You can even set a default filter on it if you are so inclined.

LS-85564: There is a shiny new Income API endpoint. Read all about it in the always delightful API Changelog.

LS-86042: GETting, POSTing, or PATCHing to the User API endpoint? So many new fields now supported.

LS-86897: You're POSTing and PATCHing to the Charges API endpoint. Of course you are, super maven. Heads up, because the Top Charge restriction enforced in the UI is headed to your endpoint.

LS-86925: The Problem Code/Special Problem Code block now lets you pick a default Special Problem Code.

LS-87687: Red highlights pointing out a problem in your Guided Navigation segment are helpful. Some friendly text would be even more helpful, so we'll add that where and when we can.

LS-87968: Required form fields should be programmatically identified so Assistive Technology can inform users of required fields in the form. We agree. So now they are.

LS-87991: You are a Guided Navigation maven, so of course you have a segment containing the LSC Eligibility Information and Site Eligibility blocks. But you've been a sad maven because you can check configuration options in those blocks yet your selections don't save. Sadness removed.

LS-88937: The Address block's address and city fields would happily accept more than 256 characters, but then punish you with an error page if you dared do that. Particularly rude to online applicants. If they bother typing it, let's store it.

LS-88947: API mavens trying to search on the additional programs or additional offices fields were not satisfied with the results. Satisfaction levels will increase after this change lands.

LS-89073: Make many of the columns in People search and Client search results sortable. We'd tell you which ones, but that would spoil the excitement of discovering it on your own.

⭐ LS-89236: Report writers know and love Date Presets in filters. So very useful. They just got more useful with the addition of a "Yesterday" preset. Sometimes you need to know.

LS-89493: You may recall the new Clinic Type and Clinic Services fields from a previous episode of Release Notes. If you do, you'll be happy to note those fields are now available in several list views, viz.: Upcoming Clinic Events, Clinic, My Clinics, and the Client Appointment History (on cases).

LS-89542: The lists on time verification pages will include a default "Supervisor = You" filter where "You" is the person viewing the page, if, and only if, your user profile reflects that you supervise at least one user.

LS-89874: Importing a Guided Navigation segment from another site that contains a custom field with a really, really, really long name will no longer result in confusion and sadness.

LS-90297: The Enhanced Charges block will no longer consider any change to an existing charge a charge reduction.

LS-90347: The system End Date field that will automatically inactivate a user was doing so on the End Date, instead of the day after as promised in the help bubble and Help page. The day after it shall be again.

LS-90358: Clarified that when editing a user-based report filter like Caseworker, the user type checkboxes are ephemeral and will not save with the report. And yes, Virginia, we have a ticket to make your checkbox selection(s) save with the report.

LS-90509: The accessibility improvement to date input fields didn't account for people who've forgotten the lessons of Y2K and still enter two digits for years. Adjustment applied before this hit live sites. Entering two digits for the year will treat the year as being in this millennium.

LS-90549: A few sites started Friday with no access to the main Timekeeping page. Access restored posthaste.

LS-90553 and LS-90561: The Date of Service filter on the standard Timekeeping Log list started misbehaving on 2022-06-17. For sites with pay periods, selecting a pay period just erased the From and To date fields. The "Today" and chevron links (colloquially: "<<", "<", ">", and ">>") did likewise. Fixes applied everywhere effective 2022-06-17.

LS-90560: The Case Timely Closed block lost all concept of dates starting 2022-06-17 and considered every case not timely closed. Fix applied everywhere on 2022-06-17.

LS-90566: The hover element on calendar events (colloquially: the yellow box that pops up) decided all dates should be displayed in dd/mm/yyyy format regardless of your locale, and that all times should be displayed in 24hr format. Fix applied to respect your locale on 2022-06-17.

LS-90572: If your SharePoint secrets expire, the integration stops working. If your Twilio account runs out of money, you can't send or receive texts. If you don't pay your power bill, your lights go out. And other truisms.

These nice folks have been in the Loop since 1966. In their own words: "We have weathered many changes – including names and locations, funding feasts and famines. The last half century has seen [us] grow and change in many ways, but the core of the work, providing high quality civil legal services for low-income and disadvantaged people, and lifting them out of poverty, has remained the same." We're excited to note for the 13th June that we've been a part of that.